White Privilege Riot


Like many other liberals, I have a few MAGA friends among my Facebook friends. I usually don’t talk to them and over time, the number dwindles as they usually unfriend me. But today, I’m going to use my friend-for-now, Lynn in Oklahoma, as an example.

Lynn has always been kinda nice and I’ve only met her once in person over the past ten years or so since we’ve been friends. And with all due respect to Lynn, she’s an idiot. Lynn believed Trump would win the election…and she still believes Trump is going to win the election. She believes that yesterday when Trump said a “new” administration would be taking over, that on January 20, it’ll be a new Trump administration. Lynn says it’s not over. Lynn is an idiot but perhaps attention should be paid to her as before the riots in Washington began, Lynn was online bragging about the upcoming attack in Washington.

Lynn spent days posting on Facebook about how “patriots” were going to force Congress to give Trump the election and prevent Biden from ever taking power. Surely, Lynn has been hanging out on other sites besides Facebook but she’s not special, as Trump described his mob. Everybody knew there was a large mob headed to Washington to “protest” on January 6.

You did not not have hang out in the hate forums to know this. You don’t even need a social media account to know it was going to happen. Donald Trump, the president (sic) was tweeting about it which the news covered. Everybody knew an angry mob of conspiracy-minded, democracy-hating goons were headed to the nation’s capital. Everyone knew except for the people in charge of defending the nation’s capital.

You may think that you don’t call out the military for a protest. Protests are a Constitutionally-protected right. But, last June, the military was all over Washington, D.C. for the Black Lives Matter protests. Even on election night, helicopters were following BLM marchers through the city. And these marchers weren’t breaking anything.

Last June, the DC National Guard was on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to prevent protesters from going in. It’s an open-air memorial and there’s nothing there to break. Wednesday, the MAGA Mob, incited by Donald Trump for days, had already broken into the capitol building, breaking windows, destroying federal property, taking the speaker stand in the Senate chamber, destroying the office of the Speaker of the House, and even stealing property before the National Guard was even called.

Why wasn’t Washington prepared? They knew this was coming. The leader of the federal government incited it. He called them out. He said something “wild” would happen January 6. After threatening for days they were going to attack the capital, the federal government did nothing to prepare. But for Black Lives Matter, planning protests in the streets, the big guns were called out.

Last June, BLM protesters were given a curfew to get off the streets, even though they were peaceful. Before the curfew took effect, Donald Trump had them teargassed and chased away from Lafayette Square in front of the White House so he could take a photo-op outside a church while holding a Bible upside-down.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump held a rally in Washington and told his MAGAts to storm the capitol building. He told them to be tough. Rudy Giuliani called for “trial by combat.” Donald Trump Jr. told the crowd to “stand up and fight.” Daddy Trump told them, “Let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue,” and promised he would “be there with you.” Instead, he ran back to his bunker inside the White House which can barely be seen for all the security around it.

There were 88 arrests from one protest last June. Wednesday, there were only 26 arrests on Capitol Hill.

The man photographed in Nancy Pelosi’s office with his feet on her desk, who vandalized the place and stole government documents, is white nationalist Richard Barnett from Arkansas (shocker).

White nationalist Richard Barnett, who broke into and vandalized the office of the Speaker of the House, gave interviews to the national media where he brandished documents he stole. Law enforcement knows who he is, knows his face, and they know where he lives. And yet, he’s still a free man. That is some serious white privilege.

Update: At 1:46 PM today, January 8, 2021, CNN reported that the FBI arrested Barnett in Little Rock, Arkansas.

A black protest wouldn’t have made it up the steps of the capitol building less enough, through the doors. There’s no way in Hell a member of the Black Panthers would have ever made it to Mitch McConnell’s office to put his feet on the desk.

There were only 26 arrests on Capitol Hill Wednesday…and they even killed a cop. The Capitol Police, for their part, killed one of the terrorists. How many would they have killed if had been a cop-killing black protests? How many cops did Black Lives Matter kill last year? None. MAGA brought Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs to the capital. Black Lives Matter, did not.

MAGA has killed more police than Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Yet, who gets the military called out before the protest even starts?

The police and military in Washington failed. Their failure is based in systemic racism.

White privilege extends to white terrorists.

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  1. I’ve been going thru YouTube, flagging and reporting channels with DISinformation, about the riot, the election and general political disinformation. It’s been my mission to help get rid of as many of these as I can (please, if you have some spare time, make this your mission, too), and SO MANY ‘religious’ channels are still saying that not only will drumpf be an eight-year president [sic], BUT that Dense Pence is ordained to be the next eight-year president [sic]. After throwing up in my mouth (SOME sacrifices have to be made), I flagged that one and continued on. WHY DO THESE RELIGIOUS (AND NOT JUST WHITE, EITHER) NUTS BELIEVE THIS? What will they be saying on 20 January? Nothing, I hope; if enough people flag these eejits, maybe they won’t be around by that time.


    1. Hey, Andrea,
      While I appreciate your effort, Trump”s fucknuts are going to be posting faster than you can unpost them, if the media sites even listen. Fighting stoopidity is an endless job. Surely you have better things to do with your time.
      In all seriousness, make some sandwiches and hand them out to the homeless. Your effort will be a thousand times more appreciated.


      1. I am not leaving the house for anything other than the vet clinic, so no, I’m not handing out samiches to the homeless. I wouldn’t know where to find any, anyways. I get an interior satisfaction from complaining . . . call me a “Karen for the other side”, if you wish.

        I know it’s futile, and I’m sure I’ll lose interest in a day or two, but until then . . .


      2. I forgot to mention . . . as I predicted (to Hubby and the dogs), the right and the evangelicals (are they one and the same? Seems to be so) are making a martyr of the woman who was shot by the police (I refuse to say her name). I’m sure this will happen more and more as the days go by.


      3. Why do I do it? 1) It’s cathartic; and 2) I’ve actually seen some of the channels disappear. Not that they can’t come back, for the time being, they’re gone.


  2. Even as I watched the events of the so-called riot [sic] unfold, I said the very same things to my Significant Other, “Where are the cops. Where are the National Guard?” And I’m Canadian, living relatively safely in Canada! I am a Person of Colour. But because I mostly look white I am not harassed daily by the RCMP. There have been a few episodes over my 71 years of life, but nothing like I would have experienced had I been born south of the 49th Parallel. But even so, I could see that the powers-that-be gave home-grown mostly white insurrectioists a free pass to do as they pleased. The security forces even waited politely for the mob to disperse before they took any real action against the occupiers. How nice of them. I wanted to vomit.
    Meanwhile, in Kenosha, the city put up great cement blocks and fences even before a white coward announced the back-shooting cop was not going to be arraigned for attempted murder because they could not win the trial. When did it ever matter that they could not win a trial against a black man. Oh, that never happens, black men have no defence for being black. What a farce!


    1. “Meanwhile, in Kenosha, the city put up great cement blocks and fences . . .”

      As you all know by now, Kenosha is, for all intents and purposes, my home town, having lived there from 1956 ’til February 2015. The secretary of the school where I worked for 30 years, which is right on Civic Center Park, emailed me that she was working from home (staff works in the building; students are virtual learning) that day and the next, AND all the windows of the school (and, I assume, the Court House) were already boarded up.

      Given that the temps were MUCH lower than they were in the summer, not much happened. Frankly, I’d been hoping a blizzard would hit DC and all air and ground traffic would be halted, but no such luck.

      I saw a video this a.m. of Los Angeles . . . truck after truck after truck of police were shown coming into LA in preparation for 6 January. Why? The capitol is Sacramento; what were they [over]-preparing for in LA?


      1. Better to be prepared, and nothing happen, than to be unprepared, and have everything happen.
        But worst, in Kenosha, was to prepare for something they were probably going to make happen. If they expected to cause riots, they did it knowingly, knowing they were not serving the needs of their citizens. What dows that tell you about the people in power?
        I had no idea you lived in Kenosha, or that you left. Was the reason you left political, or something you would have done no matter what?
        But if I may ask, what is your take on the present mood of those in Kenosha? Are there really citizens there who are okay with police officers shooting, and killing, black citizens? What makes it such a tinderbox?
        I hope you can help me to understand, please.


      2. Much as I’d love to “help you understand”, I cannot. All my life in Kenosha (from 7 to 67 yo), I lived there as a white woman (of privilege). In junior high, one black student; in high school, two.

        I worked for 30 years in an ‘alternative’ school, which, because of its location, soon became a school with probably 50% black students (out of a population of 350 at its highest). So I have had no bad experiences with police, I never heard of any ‘unrest’ (altho, living between Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL, I read of much unrest and dissatisfaction in those two cities). Not even when The Rev. Jesse Jackson was introduced as a ‘spearchucker’ by the mayor when AMC/Chrysler pulled out of the city (I believe I posted that video some time ago).

        Perhaps I went thru life with blinders; perhaps unrest and dissatisfaction just weren’t as obvious as they have been in the years since I left.


      3. Not to say you are racist, but not seeing the unrest, dissatisfaction, and especially the deep-down fear is what is meant by systemic racism. The system hides it from those who aren’t part of it. If everyone could see, there might be more will to change it. Because the system is racist does not intrinsically mean the people are racist, though a lot of them are.
        I hope Black Lives Matter is waking the system up! Especially now with the differences so in-your-face between how persons-of-colour rioters are manhandled, while white rioters are treated with politeness. In my mind, the whites were not even rioters, except a very few hardcore assholes. There was never a mob mentality running wild burning and destroying. Broken windows and messed offices do not a riot make! Calling what happened a riot was an insult to non-white people everywhere.


  3. You. Nailed. It. Unflinchingly hit it on the head.

    I don’t get what they think they’d get out of another Trump term, because what the everloving F— did they get out of this FIRST one? The ability to bully the hell out of other people and not get called on it?

    I’m worried for inauguration day, more than ever before. Was this a failure? Yes–on a hundred fronts. This is despicable and honestly, I don’t have enough expletives in the English language to express my frustration and anger.

    How the hell are these people free? Edward Snowden had to leave the country after messing with sensitive documents, and he had a security clearance. That supremacist A-hole just waltzes in and waves them around and probably looked at who knows what that wasn’t meant to be revealed or released and he’s walking free? The bullying and entitlement, the narcissism, the… dammit!

    My headache’s coming back with a vengeance. Time to do some stress cleaning (or sleep it off, or both) and try not to think about it any more today… at least, not for a while.


  4. I take some solace that with the internet’s ability to quickly identify people in those images and videos rioting in the capitol building, those rioters are now losing the jobs, their friends, and they’re finding the Feds knocking on their door.


  5. Systemic racism is certainly a factor. But my fear is that our law enforcement across the nation, including the Capitol Police, is now infected with Trump loyalism. This was less a failure than it was something that was allowed to happen by some (certainly not all) of those who were supposed to prevent it.


  6. Part of the issue, I think, is that many people can be manipulated over time into believing some of the most ridiculous things. It is extremely dangerous, and there are many people, as those who stormed/got near to storming the capitol, who I would say are really nasty people. While others have been kind off brainwashed ig.


    1. As I wander thru YouTube, flagging and reporting those videos with disinformation (and yes, several of the channels HAVE BEEN deleted), I’ve noticed that those channels whose main raison d’etre is religion of one kind or another (lots of what I’d call prophesy or evangelical) are fanatically (still) contending that drump will be inaugurated on Wednesday.

      What this tells me is that once you believe religion, by whatever name you want to call it, you’ll believe anything else. [I’d bet that Atheists and Agnostics are Democrats or Independents.] Call it brainwashing (which I do), call it magical thinking . . . once you believe SOMEthing, you’ll believe ANYthing, no matter how far-fetched.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Well this is May 5th and by now everyone in America knows that the January 6th so-called Insurrection was basically the Democrats own version of the Nazi burning of the reichstag. It’s a proven fact that antifa faggets and black lives matter matter terrorist were in the capital ahead of any Trump supporters! You lose!


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