Better Off?


Before this week’s Republican National Convention, Donald Trump complained that the Democratic National Convention was “dark and gloomy.” Of course, we knew the DNC was a convention based more in reality that provided more facts. Donald Trump is a shitty president (sic) and a horrible and vile human being so when you talk about the Trump presidency, it’s going to be dark and gloomy. We knew this week’s RNC would be a total shitfest of lies selling a message of hate and fear. Donald Trump and the Republicans did not disappoint.

You can’t have an honest convention when you have speakers like Tom Cotton, Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Rudy Giuliani, or anyone named Trump. And there were multiple Trumps. Every Trump child gave a speech except for Barron (sometimes, it pays off when his dad forgets he’s there). Melania gave a speech. Another Trump wife gave a speech. A Trump girlfriend screamed a speech. Having so many speakers related to the president (sic) was some serious fascist Kim Jong Un type of shit. It was a parade of bullshit and nepotism.

There were other aspects of fascism. Donald Trump used his office to campaign for the office. He conducted a naturalization ceremony in the White House with acting-Department of Homeland Secretary Chad Wolf. He issued a pardon in the White House. The Secretary of State flew to Israel in a government plane on your dime to give a speech to the convention. Multiple non-elected government employees gave speeches, from other cabinet officials all the way down to Ivanka, who shouldn’t be there in the first place who bragged about being there. But the largest transgression was Trump’s event at the White House.

The White House is our house, not Donald Trump’s. From Washington to Trump, the first residence has only been temporary. Seeing Trump-Pence signs on the south lawn was one of the most disgusting sites I’ve ever seen from the Trump administration, and I’ve seen a lot. Shooting off fireworks from the Washington Monument, along with Mike Pence’s speech from Fort McHenry, were all abuses of the office. If President Obama had conducted a political rally on the south lawn and had displayed giant Obama-Biden signs, Republicans would have screamed bloody murder. And you know what? I would have joined them.

But nothing gets abused as much in the Trump administration as the truth. Donald Trump paraded a non-white speaker after non-white speaker to tell us over and over Donald Trump is not a racist. If you have to tell people repeatedly that you’re not a racist, you’re probably a racist. If you defend yourself with, “But I have a black friend,” you’re a racist. Throughout this convention, Trump and the GOP used the black-friend defense. Ignore all the time Trump said and did something racist. He has black friends.

They spent four days lying and gaslighting that Donald Trump built a great economy and he can do it again. Donald Trump inherited an economy…then he ruined it. We know he can ruin an economy. Why should we believe he can build one? What evidence is there that Mr. Six Bankruptcies can build one? Is his father going to bail him out? They boasted about adding 9 million jobs while leaving out the part of losing over 20 million. Fascist gaslighting. Next, Orange Mussolini will brag that the trains are on time.

The biggest lie during this con was Trump has a positive performance with the coronavirus pandemic. They boasted about Trump’s swift call to action which wasn’t swift at all. They boasted about him enacting the Defense Production Act, which he had to be goaded into using. They boasted about him banning travel from China which he didn’t actually do. They praised him for banning travel from Europe while neglecting to mention the first version excluded nations with Trump properties.

They neglected to mention Donald Trump promised back in March it would disappear quickly. They didn’t mention, “Everyone who needs a test, gets a test.” They didn’t mention his praise of Doctor Demon Sperm. They didn’t mention his advocacy of experimenting with bleach and other assorted household cleaning products in the human body. They didn’t mention that over 181,000 people are dead from the coronavirus. Now, he’s promising a vaccine by the end of the year which I’m sure they’ll neglect to mention at the end of the year.

But they mentioned China. They mentioned China a lot while not mentioning Donald Trump initially praised China for their honesty and openness. They didn’t mention Russia yet the Russian-owned Trump warned us that a Biden presidency will make American Chinese-owned.

The Republicans spent a week presenting a softer version of Donald Trump. Softer yet still icky. Now, with a little more than two months left before election day, Donald Trump can go back to presenting himself as the very real troglodyte he is. He and his corrupt administration. He will go back to blurting out callous statements over the death of so many people from his lack of preparedness. Statements like, “It is what it is.”

Donald Trump, the man who created a policy of jailing babies and who ignored a virus that’s killed over 181,000 Americans, has spent four years telling us who he is. Believe him. The man willing to risk the lives of your children, like he risked the lives of the 1,500 people attending his south lawn covid party last night, is showing you it’s all about Trump.

This is fascism. The GOP’s platform is only a platform of Trump. Last night, the White House was a shrine to Trump. If Donald Trump is reelected, this nation will be nothing but Trump. Expect more tombstones while a president (sic) focuses more on TV ratings. Expect more defenses of white terrorists.

When challenger Ronald Reagan asked during the 1980 election, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”, most Americans said no and they threw Jimmy Carter out and put Reagan into the White House. Ask yourself that question today. If you say no, Donald Trump will tell you it’s Joe Biden’s fault even though Donald Trump is the president.

Donald Trump brags about delivering on his promises. He promised American carnage and he delivered.

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  1. Clayjonz, your diatribe puts you on display as a butt-hurt Democrat who has no one to support except an old man suffering from elder abuse who echoed his speech from last time he lost the election. I wish for you a better life coming up, because Socialism has failed in EVERY country that tried it. We won’t have Biden so we won’t have Socialism. That means a better life for you!!!


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