I drew this Tuesday evening just as an illustration for my clients and not so much as a regularly-scheduled cartoon. Instead of posting it here first as usual, I posted it on social media.

As it turned out, a lot of people liked it. I made some merch with it and several shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, etc, have been purchased.

I didn’t really expect that much to come from it. This was drawn in a lobby bar of the hotel I was staying in Tuesday night in Alexandria. So was the cartoon that followed (but already published here).

As an artist, I love Kamala’s hair. Expect my caricature of her to change over time. Hopefully, I’ll be drawing her a lot over the next four years.

Someone recommended I put a link to the merch with post it’s associated with. Here’s the KAMALA NASTY merch shop.

Tip Jar: This pandemic is hitting everyone, including your favorite goofy cartoonist. I have lost clients and I’m afraid I might lose more. The PayPal button has always been included here for those who can and want to voluntarily support what I do. I understand this time is hard on everyone. If you can’t, don’t contribute. Take care of yourself and your family first.

But, all and any help is greatly appreciated and it helps keep me going. Think of me like a street performer busking out tunes on a corner (I won’t play “Wonderwall.” I promise). If you like the tune, or in this case, toon, throw a buck into the tip jar. It’ll help me play another song, draw another toon, write another blog, make another video, and post another snarky post on social media. It’ll help keep me alive. You can also order a signed print for $40. And if you don’t like the PayPal option, you can snail mail it to my P.O. Box. 

You can purchase a signed print of this cartoon.

New Book: Tales From the Trumpster Fire

Watch me draw.


  1. Many years ago, when the school district [for which I worked for over 30 years] secretaries were in contract negotiations, the Director of HR at that time called us all ‘surly girls’. Within a few days, t-shirts appeared with ‘I’m a Surly Girl’ on them.

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      1. What . . . about being called ‘Surly Girls’ by the Director of HR (who was, BTW, negotiating for the District)? Could I make up something that stupid? But then, secretaries – who do most of the work – have always been held in contempt by this particular school district (probably by all of ’em). That Director of HR didn’t last long after that comment, tho. He was a ‘nasty’ piece o’ work.

        I think I got the last laff on them, tho . . . I took very low pay raises (like, 5 cents an hour) for increases in our pension. I’ve now had a pension of over $1400/month for over 15 years, from what I believe to be the only fully-funded pension system in the US. I have to admit, tho, that for the years I worked, the health insurance was the ‘Cadillac of health insurances’.

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    1. Not only is it a good pension, both the employEE and employER contributions were made by the District; another reason to take a lower pay raise. Of course, not everyone lives long enough to get the full advantage of that retirement plan; I am one of the lucky ones.

      I saw Airplane years ago, so that must be where I remember it from. And then there was, in Blazing Saddles, Harvey Korman’s ‘Hedley’ vs ‘Hedy’ Lamarr jokes; now THOSE I remember.

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  2. I hate giving trump credit for anything. Repeating or using his infantile playground bully nicknames or even playing his name calling game gives him a degree of credibility that I so thoroughly want to strip from him: totally and completely, I WISH every cartoon I draw of him (and that you draw of him also) would give him a big bolt, highly charged, painful shock as if he were wearing a shock collar. (Drawing it now … turning up the voltage).

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  3. Not my choice, I liked Susan Rice better. Good for Kamala and Biden…they buried the hatchet for a women that will get in a white mans face. Kamala knows a thing or two about running with the ‘bulls’.

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    1. “ for a women that will get in a white mans face”

      That is precisely why Biden picked her.
      He very clearly said so when he introduced her.
      He wants her to be “the last voice in the room”… like he was for Obama… challenging his assumptions, keeping him on his toes… pretty much the “anti-Pence”.


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