Roughing It, Volume 56

Enjoy all the roughs here today because next week, you may not get any.


Last week was a good week. From a large batch of roughs, my editor liked four ideas. It’s too bad we can only go with one. Here’s the one.


I totally winged it when I drew Mickey for the rough. After it was approved, I had to go look the rat up. Honestly I was never a Mickey Mouse fan. I wasn’t into Disney. I couldn’t understand anything Donald Duck said. Goofy kinda freaked me out and why was Pluto more like an actual dog? Also, if you’re going to wear shirts, wear some pants. I was a Warner Brothers kid. Those cartoonists, like Chuck Jones (who I like to pretend is a relative) were geniuses. Walt Disney…not so much.


This one became a real cartoon.



This is one I don’t like very much now. It’s just not there for me.


I probably thought this was funny and made sense when I drew it.




Another meh. The sippy cup doesn’t make it into every rough.


This may have been a stretch.


I intended to do this carton. I didn’t get around to it. I still could although, I still hate using cliffs in cartoons.


I kinda like this one though it’s a challenge artwise. It’s hard to have Trump holding the sign above his head because his arm doesn’t fit his body this way and his hair is in the way.


I later got a different idea for this subject on Tucker Carlson’s attacks on a wounded veteran.


I liked this one too and intended to draw it. I still may.

Which cartoons are your favorites?

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  1. Maybe Off Topic… Maybe Not…

    This video is 15 minutes long, but if you are tempted to have some popcorn while you watch, I recommend that you don’t, because you may wind up choking on it.


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