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You know we’re in unusual times when Donald Trump is giving leeway to an appointee to disagree with him. Not only does Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (since 1984), publicly disagree with Trump on several matters, he corrects him when he says something that’s not accurate.

Fauci has his hands full with the coronavirus, but he may be busier correcting all the bullshit Donald Trump keeps spitting out. That may explain why we haven’t seen the doctor at the last few press briefings.

Donald Trump has praised Fauci as a “major television star,” but just like we don’t need a C-list television star occupying the White House during an international crisis, we don’t need one to fight a disease. In this situation, we need a doctor. But Donald Trump doesn’t place a high value on professional medical opinions or science. Did you see the guy who was his personal doctor before he entered the White House? You remember him. He supposedly wrote the letter stating Donald Trump would be the “healthiest president” in American history.

If you want advice from Donald Trump on how to not pay back money you owe, he’s your man. I’d listen to him. He says he’s “great with debt,” and when it comes to personal debt, he’s right. He’s really good at not paying it and getting more loans from the same source. He sued Deutsche bank in order not to pay them and they still loaned him more money. But if Donald Trump talks about government debt, he doesn’t know how it works.  I seriously doubt he even knows when the fiscal year begins. He doesn’t understand how tariffs or trade works. He doesn’t even understand how lightbulbs work (They make him look orange). He can’t give you advice on the stock market, how to run a business, how to raise kids, have a successful marriage, or even how to chew your food. And most of all, he can’t give you medical advice.

Maybe Donald Trump can give you the name of a guy who will botch your hair transplant, and then you can toss that number out, but that’s the closest thing to helpful medical advice he should be allowed to give. With a pandemic sweeping the globe, let’s not take any medical tips from the orange botched hair job who’s afraid of stairs. After all, this is a guy who believed HIV and HPV were the same things.

And since Dr. Fauci is a doctor, he is required to correct the bullshit and deadly tips Donald Trump is dishing out. Donald Trump wants us to go with his “gut instincts.” I’d rather go with the scientist.

Dr. Fauci has publicly disagreed on how long it will take for a coronavirus vaccine to become available and whether an anti-malaria drug, Chloroquine, can help those with the virus. What Trump says is dangerous. Yesterday, a Trump fucknut commented on my YouTube channel that Chloroquine has been very successful in fighting the virus. No, it hasn’t. Where’d he get that shit? From Donald Trump. So, Dr. Fauci, if he is to be responsible, has to correct Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is never responsible. Hell, he even said so.

This isn’t Fauci’s first time dealing with a crisis and a president who’s indifferent and ignorant on the matter. He came into his office during the Reagan administration where the president was ignoring the AIDs crisis. He’s served under every president since. Now, he’s serving under Trump during a pandemic the president (sic) initially called a “Democratic hoax” and has tried to downplay.

Trump said he had it under control, that deaths would go down to zero soon, that it’d disappear, warm weather in April will kill it, a vaccine will be available soon, and that everyone who needs a test gets a test. Now, Trump is giving medical advice his professionals know is complete rubbish while also going against them on the time frame for self-isolation.

Donald Trump isn’t as worried about Americans losing their jobs as he is of a recession hurting his reelection chances…and his shitty resorts going under. Presently, six of his eleven resorts and hotels, where you could have caught something BEFORE there was a pandemic, are shut down because of the virus. His company has laid people off. So now he’s saying we should end the self-isolation sooner than his professionals think. Will Donald Trump fire Fauci for disagreeing with him on something that’s losing him money?

White House sources have told The New York Times  Donald Trump and several of his political advisers are losing their patience with Fauci, who has tried to play it cool when he disagrees with Trump. It would look bad for Donald Trump to fire Fauci in the middle of a pandemic, especially when all eyes are on him. But Trump has fired people in the past after he felt it was safe from criticism. I wouldn’t expect him to fire Fauci during the pandemic, but look for Trump to exact his revenge after.

This White House values loyalty over experience and ability. They even fired the brother of someone who testified against Trump. Expect Fauci’s retirement to come a bit early.

Until then, listen to Dr. Fauci and ignore Donald Trump about the coronavirus…just like you should be doing with everything else.

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  1. No Dr. Fauci at the last “briefing”–had a feeling the “president” wouldn’t stand for anyone contradicting his constant lying. Not much point in watching them any more.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    What I am afraid of … ‘Drumpf and several of his political advisers are losing their patience with Fauci, who has tried to play it cool when he disagrees with Drumpf. It would look bad for Donald Trump to fire Fauci in the middle of a pandemic, especially when all eyes are on him. But Drumpf has fired people in the past after he felt it was safe from criticism. I wouldn’t expect him to fire Fauci during the pandemic, but look for Drumpf to exact his revenge after.

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  3. Clay this isn’t about the toon. I do, as usual, love it. I have 2 questions. Why is there such a long elapse time before these here are put on GoComics. I realize it’s only a few days, but with how fast news (both fake and actual news) is disseminated the next idiotic thing he’s done becomes old news quick. The second question I completely understand if you are unable to answer for either legal (i.e. contractual) or personal reason. Over at GoComics and ComicKingdom I subscribe to all of the political strips. Like you said about not blocking friends who are trumpsters I want to find out what their viewpoint is and hopefully some actual science or logic to back it up. Lately it is getting so hard to read them though. They are still harping on the horrible media treating Trump so mean. My actual question is am I, through my subscriptions, furthering their cause? If anyone says one word about censorship BITE ME!. I, as an individual, can censor all I want what goes onto my feed. The GOVERNMENT cannot do that except in rare instances. Today over on Twitter I noticed James Woods was again put in time out. All those idiots saying this is unamerican don’t comprehend that a private business “Twitter” can do whatever the hell it wants to.

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    1. I can only answer the GoComics related question: The reason there’s a lapse between the cartoons here and the cartoons there is that the files are dated. GoComics only runs one per day. Often, this site will feature two and sometimes even three (rarely). I actually try to slow myself down for the GoComics reason as I was actually 8 days ahead recently. Now, I think I’m only four days ahead. But yeah, they’re going to continue to be a little behind probably until I die. By the way, I’m the only political cartoonist with a brand new cartoon there every single day.

      Thank you for subscribing. It means a lot to me.

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