Covid Cofefe


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Trump and his cult are accusing the Democrats and media of politicizing the Coronavirus. What they consider politicizing is when it’s pointed out that Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about with the virus, has lied about it, and is himself politicizing it. Let me remind you, cultists, Donald Trump said the virus was a hoax and that Democrats and the media are using it against him. His idiot, racist, dumbass son who’s going for the Chia look accused Democrats of wanting people to die just so it’ll hurt his father. And, Donald Trump has touted his “border security” over the virus. That’s politicizing.

Let me point out something else. No borders have been shut down over this. No travel restrictions will protect us from this. Do you honestly believe we’re not taking in foreign products on a daily basis? In case you’re a Republican, China is a foreign country. Also, the virus can’t tell the difference between a legal or illegal immigrant.

Donald Trump boasted the virus will probably disappear in April. It won’t. He said it’s a hoax. It’s not. He said there will be a vaccine soon. There won’t be. He said nobody died. Then, somebody died…and another person died, and then another, and then another…

Donald Trump is an idiot. We know this. Even his stupid cult knows this but they love the image (I don’t know why). For every single Trump accomplishment, they have to lie and make shit up (he recovered the economy, foreign nations respect us now, he defeated ISIS, etc, stupid etc.) which means he doesn’t actually have any accomplishments. But now that there is an actual crisis, having a stupid, ignorant narcissistic racist dumbass isn’t going to cut it. Americans are dying and more will die. I know it’s hard to accept for the cult, but Donald Trump’s ego is not the national priority at this time.

So, Donald Trump, who has exhausted all credibility, should not be believed about anything. So when he reassures us we’re all going to be OK from this virus, that just means we’re all going to die.

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  1. In October 2018 I sent the following message to the NPR Ombudsman :
    In 1991, Eric Ewazen wrote
    Symphony in Brass:
    Brass Ensemble w/ Percussion.
    Soon after that, NPR began using the opening and closing fanfares from the 3rd movement, Allegro Vivace:

    as the theme for its Political Coverage.

    This theme appeared frequently in the run up to Elections for many years after, and I personally found it very inspirational and it made me even more eager to vote than I already was.
    I believe that it inspired many other voters the same way.
    I even believe that it was at least partly instrumental in Barack Obama’s victories in 2008 and 2012.

    Sometime after 2012, NPR stopped using that theme in its Election Coverage, and I am Convinced that the Absence of that Fanfare was at least partially responsible for Ki45*TF’s “victory” in 2016.

    Please, PLEASE, if it’s not too late, Please Bring Back the Ewazen Fanfare Before November 6, because The Blue Wave needs all the help it can get.

    Well, NPR did NOT use the Ewazen Fanfare in November 2018, and in spite of that the Democrats DID take control of the House Of Representatives.
    I bet that if NPR HAD used the theme, the Democrats would have taken the Senate too.

    Anyway, Guess What???

    Hallelujah hallelujah!!!
    NPR has resumed the use of the Ewazen Fanfare in it’s Primary Election Coverage!!!

    I expect that the Non-Deplorable,
    Non-Despicable Majority of Voters in EACH of the States (at least all of the Blue and Purple states and more than a few Red states) will rise up in November 2020 to Vote Democrat Up And Down the Ticket, from President to Dogcatcher, and throw Ki45*TF And Friends and ALL of The GOPOCRITE COVERUPUBLICANS out of business.

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