Democratic Hoaxes Kill


I have a brand new apartment and I’m in love with it. It’s the first time in nearly 20 years I’ve lived alone, and that’s something I’ve been waiting a very long time for. It’s really cool because it’s inside a very old building that you have to enter and climb stairs to get into the apartment. It’s kinda like Seinfeld’s apartment but with a fourth wall. Part of the reason I’m giving you a cartoon today is that I needed to create in the new atmosphere. Another reason I’m telling you about the new place is that I’m really hoping my new neighbors don’t hear me screaming at my television.

I talk to myself. I talk to animals. I talk to inanimate objects. And, I scream at my TV. I especially scream at it whenever a Republican is talking because when Republicans are talking Republicans are lying.

After the Coronavirus claimed its first victim in the United States, Trump and assorted goons held a press conference that probably registered a 9.8 on the Richter scale of Trump dumbassery.

The first thing I was disgusted by is that even during something serious, like a pandemic killing people, is that each speaker has to take a few moments to kiss Donald Trump’s ass. But for Mike Pence, it’s more like he takes a few moments from kissing Trump’s ass to talk about other stuff. He said that Trump closed off travel from China because of the Coronavirus and he’s the first president to do this. That was the first time I yelled at my TV in my new apartment.

Donald Trump and his Trump Turdlings have been minimizing, playing down, deflecting, and lying about this pandemic. This is a time when a leader needs credibility. Donald Trump can’t even take the time to realize the importance of being taken seriously during a crisis…which is why a president should always work to be taken seriously. While I want Trump to stop making everything about himself, it would really be nice if his underlings wouldn’t have to pause everything for moments of kissing Trump’s ass. Serious people lose their credibility with this shit, and then they’re done. You can be a highly-respected individual and professional, but after you start working for Donald Trump, I can’t trust you. The next thing you know, you’re Omarosa.

The night before at a hate rally in South Carolina (because there’s a primary in that state and there might be a second or two there when no one is mentioning Donald Trump), he claimed his political opponents were weaponizing the virus against his presidency and said, “This is their new hoax.”

Concerning people with the virus, Trump said, “Many of them are in good shape right now and they are better in going home. It’s time for all Americans to put politics aside and to come together to work for the health, safety, and security of the American people… we have to make it nonpartisan if we can.” And then someone died.

On Saturday when asked if he regretted calling it a hoax, he told the reporter her question was “dishonest.” Donald Trump, questions aren’t dishonest. It’s your answers that are lies. After telling us Friday to “put politics aside” and we have to “make it nonpartisan,” he blamed the Democrats again and said, “The hoax is on them. I’m not talking about what’s happening here. I don’t like it when they are criticizing (federal health officials), and that’s the hoax.”

He was also asked if his use of the word “hoax” could deter people from taking cautionary steps against the coronavirus. He said it would not which would be calming and reassuring if half the country didn’t eat the shit that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Trump has blamed his political opponents and the press for using the virus and creating a hoax to hurt him. His idiot kid has said the same thing along with several members of his administration. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was testifying before Congress about Iran when he was asked by Congressman Ted Lieu, “Do you agree with Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mulvaney that the coronavirus is the hoax of the day?” Mulvaney told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that the coronavirus was the hoax of the day.

Pompeo answered, “The State Department is doing everything it can to protect American citizens around the world.” Lieu asked again, “Do you believe coronavirus is a hoax?” Pompeo deflected and said, “I’m not going to comment on what others are saying I’m just telling you what the Secretary of State is doing.”

“It’s not even a gotcha question,” Lieu continued. “Do you believe the coronavirus is a hoax?” Pompeo wormed out of it with, “It is a gotcha moment. It’s not useful.”

It wasn’t a “gotcha” question. Is it a hoax or not? Maybe someone in the administration should tell Americans the virus is NOT A HOAX. But, they can’t say anything that might disagree with Trump, even if it kills people.

Trump has called the free press “fake news.” He claimed the investigation into his collusion with Russia and the fact they supported him was a “hoax.” He claimed the impeachment was a “hoax.” Now, he’s claiming the virus is a “hoax.” Everything Trump claims is a hoax turns out to be real. This virus is real and it kills people. Donald Trump doesn’t care.

Does anyone really believe Trump would be calling these press conferences about the virus if the stock market wasn’t crashing? He’s only concerned because a faltering economy will hurt his reelection. If the economy starts to slip, Donald Trump doesn’t know how to fix it. He’s been riding on President Obama’s successes since he came into office. Just like he’s done with everything else, when it comes to the economy, Donald Trump will prove he’s unqualified for the job of president. The real credit for the great economy belongs to President Obama, because he created something so strong that even Donald Trump, with his huge tax cuts to billionaire assholes, his trade wars, his attacks on the Fed, a national debt reaching into the trillions, and a daily demonstration that he doesn’t know dick about anything, hasn’t been able to fuck up.

Donald Trump’s administration is mismanaging this crisis. Trump reported it was a female, but it was a male. And the people, the experts who are supposed to be on top of this, have to pause every two seconds to kiss Donald Trump’s ass. They have to kiss the ass of a man who doesn’t care about you. Donald Trump doesn’t care if you live or die. Nothing can stop Donald Trump from lying. Even dying Americans can’t stop him from lying.

Americans need to be able to trust and believe their president. Unfortunately for Americans, the president (sic) is Donald Trump and Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

And in case my walls aren’t thick enough, I hope my new neighbors get used to hearing me scream at my TV.

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  1. Yes, there are dishonest questions….they’re called “loaded questions.” This is how you evil leftists operate…loaded questions, poisoning the well, out right gaslighting and lying.

    If President Trump shut down travel he obviously doesn’t think this Coronavirus is a hoax.


    1. Hmmm, let’s see, he signed a proclamation on Jan 31st
      The CDC has a timeline of what had been happening and admits the test kits aren’t accurate and people are carrying the virus and spreading it before becoming ill so taking temperatures isn’t a definitive test. Also, the vaccine development will take much longer than Trump said so I don’t see where criticism and concern about what Trump had said is a hoax.

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  2. trump is looking unusually run down lately. He is an old man and he did just return from an active and exhausting trip to India surrounded by thousands and millions and billions of fawning admirers. Surrounded. Touching, shaking hands, hugging thousands of people, maybe millions in a country that borders China, as trump would say, “Ground zero for the Corona virus hoax”. Sure hope trump doesn’t get the corona virus, of course, if he does, he will blame it on the democrats.
    Also, Isn’t it time for him to go golfing?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. “After the Coronavirus claimed its first victim in the United States, Trump and assorted goons held a press conference that probably registered a 9.8 on the Richter scale of Trump dumbassery.”

    SPHINCTER Scale, not Richter Scale.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The latest on the beer virus is that it has already spread and now it’s just a matter of the people who have it getting really sick and dying or not.
    Milan, Italy is an example of that.
    I think that all of the big cities here in the states
    will next experience what Milan has because the big cities are where the well-off live and they travel a lot.
    Almost sounds like a conspiracy if you give it a think.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Milan is the fashion capital of Italy and Wuhan is a major manufacturing hub. Not really a conspiracy…


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