This Blows


If there’s one point where you give up, it’s after you learn that no matter how much you fight, you’re going to lose. That’s the danger of this time.

The United States Senate is saying Trump is guilty. The House Managers proved their case. But none of it matters because they like Trump’s policies or the fact he gives them conservative judges. They’ve given us the same answer over the past three years as to why they accept his behavior, racism, sexism, stupidity, vile ugliness and failure as a decent human being.

If the Senate allows Trump to cheat in an election, does that mean we should just give up on there being a fair one in 2020? Are the results already in? Is the election just an empty practice like they are in autocratic states like Russia or the ones Saddam Hussein ran in Iraq?

The Senate has proven that they’ll not only allow Trump to rape us, that they’ll bend over for him too.

Part of Trump’s strategy is to keep going until we give up. He’s like a three-year-old jumping on your couch. You give up trying to stop the child and accept you’ll eventually have to buy a new couch. You’ve given up on the couch. But I’m not. I’m not buying a new couch. You shouldn’t either. Disclaimer: I did give up on a couch once when I had 11 puppies. But they were cute. Donald Trump, not so much.

Now, if Donald Trump gets serviced by an intern in the Oval Office and then lies about it before a grand jury, what would the Senate say? What if he wouldn’t even admit he did anything wrong and that he’d do it again? The Senate would make frowny faces and say something about his policies being good and yay conservative judges and some other claptrap bullshit like that.

But Donald Trump doesn’t need an intern to do that because yesterday, 51 Republicans in the United States Senate did it for him.

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  1. Face it! We now live in a dictatorship with the most foul, narcissistic, racist, sexist, childish, ignorant, illiterate, vile excuse for a human being (and I could go on, but I won’t) as our dictator. I want to leave this country!
    The majority U.S. citizens did NOT vote this monster into our Whitehouse, but no one will stand up to him and take him out. The Republicans continue to get more and more repugnant. The Democrats have even shown themselves to be a bunch of spineless pussies. The ignorants are ruining it for everybody else with their Trump worship. I struggle daily to TRY to fathom how this country put such an asshole in charge. How? Why?
    We’re going to tell in a handbasket.

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    1. 45 didn’t win, the “popular vote” said so by 3million plus. The GOP, jerrymandering, voter suppression and every pile of dung in DC made sure of that. They wanted their cut of tax payer money, blur the line between church and state, their ridiculous stance on a woman’s choice(through lies and the most misleading videos) I have ever seen. Many Senators took Russian oligarchy monies, Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey are just two of the many. I’m sure 45 has dirt on many more thanks to Putin, a cute little dossier on each and everyone to hang over their heads like a guillotine. Do you think Jeffery Epstein had dirt on these SOB’s? I do. They are as corrupt and despotic as 45. Why would long time politicians kneel and stick their heads up 45’s ass. There is decades of 45’s filth and corruption out there. It begs the question…just what does 45 have on these “powerful men?”

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      1. i dunno, but i do tend to agree with Stonekettle Station in that i doubt that these GOPsters aren’t being blackmailed. Rather i believe that these are horrible, greedy, calculating SOBs who are using Mr. Trump as a foil. As long as he keeps feeding unqualified federal judges to the bench and repeating any conspiracy theory that they blow in his ear, he keeps the spotlight on himself and therefore the distraction and misdirection flowing whilst they quietly go about their business of creating an American oligarchy and climb to new heights of wealth and power on the backs of what used to be the Middle Class of this nation.

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      2. You’re probably right Mike W. Theses avaricious men never have enough, 8-10 yachts, homes all over, huge benefits the average America will never see; give me a damn break! Still, they are afraid of loosing it all, they know how corrupt they are. Stomping on the middle class and poor will, in time, back fire. The “pitchforks are coming.”

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      3. Thank you Mike W. for my intro into “Stonekettle Station”(Jim Wright). I’d never heard of him, no I don’t live under a rock;) I loved my first read of him!

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