Roughing It, Volume 30

It’s time to check out a few more rough sketches. There aren’t as many this week as usual (thank god). A couple of these turned into finished cartoons, like our first one.


This one turned into…


…this, which I drew for CNN.


This one didn’t turn into anything.


I kinda liked this one.


This one was a stretch and it’s a good thing I didn’t draw it. It was playing off how they were going on a Saturday and nobody would watch it. I think everyone forgot about that pretty quickly.


This was another version of an idea I had the week before.


This was OK. Not awesome.


This one did turn into something. It turned into the kind of cartoon a lot of newspapers are afraid of.


It turned into this.


I had this idea a week too early. A colleagued reminded me Thursday of Groundhog Day (this Sunday) and I considered doing it. But you know, there’s just too much going on right now to waste a cartoon on something too cutesy. Plus, I wasn’t sure how to word this because the Republican coverup will continue.

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One comment

  1. If you had used Dumbty in the professional report scene, with his tongue stuck way out amongst the flying papers, I would have loved it. Graham is a hack, nothing more. Two year-old Donny, that is a tantrum.

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