Toasty Racist Symbols


Touching the thumb and forefinger together with your remaining three fingers outstretched is mostly associated with meaning “OK,” but there are several other meanings internationally as well. But over the last few years, it’s been appropriated by white supremacists to mean “white power.” The idea is that it forms “WP” for “white power.”

The gesture is turned upside down when used as a white power symbol, and it’s usually displayed in a way the racist can claim they were doing something else. It’s commonly displayed in the background, behind someone who is the focus of a photo or video, or while adjusting a button, or any other way the user can claim innocence while flashing a wink to their fellow racists that they’re one of them. It beats screaming something racist like “I hate black people” or “Trump 2020!”

Since the symbol has had other meanings for decades, it allows the racists to defend it and claim they weren’t flashing a racist symbol. One way to tell it was a racist symbol is if it was flashed upside down, in a group setting, or when conservatives defend it as something harmless. Why does that conservative want to defend it so badly?

During the Army-Navy football game last Saturday, several cadets and midshipmen flashed the symbol. Why? Were they wanting viewers at home to know they’re all OK? Usually, this is the most boring game of the year (there were only seven attempted passes in the entire game), but the hate symbol flashed in the stands made it controversial. Do you know who won the game? Probably not and you don’t care. Now, officials at West Point and Annapolis are investigating to find out if it was used to express racist sentiments. Spoiler alert: It was.

In 2017, it started as a hoax. Some users of 4chan, a racist online message board, began what they called “Operation O-KKK,” to see if they could trick the wider world, and especially liberals and the mainstream media, into believing that the innocuous gesture was actually a clandestine symbol of white power. What these idiots don’t understand is that their use of it turned it into a racist symbol. It’s no longer a hoax, if it ever was one. Think about it. Why would a non-racist want to trick someone into thinking they were flashing a racist symbol?

Racists Milo Yiannopolous and Richard Spencer have used it. White House racist aide Stephen Baby Goebbels Miller has used it. Roger Stone has used it. Former White House aide, Zina Bash, flashed it while sitting behind Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.  Brenton Tarrant, the white supremacist accused of killing 50 people in back-to-back mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, smiled and flashed the sign to reporters at a court hearing on his case. The United States Coast Guard suspended an officer for flashing it on TV. Four Alabama cops were suspended for flashing it in a photo. The Chicago Cubs banned a fan from Wrigley Field for flashing it behind a black sports commentator while he was on camera.

The symbols use is wide enough for us to stop wondering if it’s something racist.

The military academy had to remove a slogan associated with racist groups from its spirit flag earlier this month. So, the defense that the symbol was used as part of a made-you-look punching game doesn’t really fly. There are racists at our military academies.

West Point’s superintendent, Gen. Darryl Williams, said in a statement, “The United States Military Academy is fully committed to developing leaders of character who embody the Army values.”

Donald Trump was present at the game wearing one of his “Keep America Great” hats, which has also been deemed a racist slogan.

I’m going to help the schools’ investigators out. If these students support Donald Trump, then you know they don’t have any values. They don’t have ethics, principles, or morals and perhaps you should go ahead and drum them out of your schools and their uniforms. They don’t deserve to wear them.

Donald Trump is a liar. He assaults women. He’s a racist. He’s a Russian asset. He’s made it clear he’ll accept and even solicit a foreign nation’s help in his reelection. The man is proud to cheat. There are no values in supporting Donald Trump. Anyone who supports him has a very loose and shaky relationship with the truth, honesty, and ethics.

And anyone who supports Donald Trump, including cadets and midshipmen, is “OK” with racism.

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  1. I don’t wanna slow your role, but I was in the military. (damned Navy. We’ll get them next year.) The circle game is pretty damned popular. Everyone knows the circle game. When I watched the video, I thought to myself “hey, they’re doing the circle game.”

    Absolutely, investigate. I understand it’s become an actual symbol of stupid racism. But it’s also the symbol for the circle game.

    I’m withholding judgement until I get some facts, like the results of an investigation.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The intended target was the TV viewership, if it was indeed the circle game. I see these circulate on FB as well. If you look at the circle, nobody actually punches your arm…. but you know you looked.

        Again, I’m not sure. They could be doing either.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “ If these students support Donald Trump, then you know they don’t have any values. They don’t have ethics, principles, or morals and perhaps you should go ahead and drum them out of your schools and their uniforms.”

    Won’t do any good.
    45* will just reinstate them and fire the officers who are running West Point and Annapolis, similar to what he did a few weeks ago for three US war criminals.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah, the circle game. Just the kind of pastime one would expect from West Point and Annapolis cadets and midshipmen. No, that’s wrong. Just the kind of pastime one would expect from junior high schoolers.


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