Sondland Who?


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After Gordon Sondland’s testimony this week before the House Intelligence Committee, where he said there definitely WAS a quid pro quo, Donald Trump said he barely knew the guy.

He barely knew the guy, yet after being asked to explain the comment he was credited to making to Trump, “Zelensky loves your ass,” he said their conversations are full of curse words. Maybe Trump curses at everyone he knows but for me to jokingly curse with someone on the phone, I have to be pretty comfortable with them. That means I have to know them.

Sondland gave Trump’s inauguration committee a million dollars. Trump, in another quid pro quo, made him ambassador to the European Union. From there, trusting Sondland to do his dirty work more than he trusted the ambassador to Ukraine, he put Sondland in charge of Ukraine matters (even though Ukraine is NOT in the European Union). He gave Sondland a direct line to him. Then, Trump trusted him enough to be called from a secure line, or too stupid, that he had a conversation with Sondland who was on a cell phone calling from a public restaurant in Ukraine.

There’s also the tiny little matter that Trump lies.

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