Zelensky Loves It


Donald Trump made an unannounced, surprise, mysterious visit to the hospital over the weekend. The White House is in denial mode that there was an emergency for the 73-year-old obese manbaby, and his physician issued a statement saying, “regular, primary preventative care.”

Presidents get physicals once a year so why all the speculation? Because this was unannounced, his last physical was in February, Trump isn’t a picture of health, and he and this White House lie.

Stephanie Grisham, the White House Press Secretary, was indignant as she attacked the press for speculating on the visit and described an incredibly fit president full of energy. I mean, what’s wrong with us that after over 13,000 lies, that we don’t believe this one? Who wouldn’t believe their explanation that Trump is taking his physical in stages?

Personally, I’m kinda surprised part of their defense isn’t that President Volodymyr Zelensky loves that ass.

While it hasn’t been reported if Trump underwent a colonoscopy during his last visit, there are plenty of sycophants who have crawled up that ass.

David Holmes, the political counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, testified before Congress in a closed hearing that he overhead Donald Trump speaking to European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland over an unsecured cell phone. Holmes testified that he could hear Trump ask Sondland if Zelensky was going to investigate his political enemies. Sondland replied he would do anything Trump asks him to do and that “he loves your ass.”

After the call, conducted from a popular restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine, Sondland told Holmes that Trump didn’t “give a shit” about Ukraine and only cared about the “big stuff” going on in Ukraine. No, not “big stuff” like the war with Russia, but “big stuff” like investigating Joe Biden.

Trump and the people who love his ass lie about everything, big and small, from a routine physical to bribing a foreign president. The more testimony that comes out about his dealings with Ukraine, the more his ass is exposed. The only thing that will save his presidency are the Republicans in Congress who love his ass.

The best thing for this nation will be Trump’s ass getting impeached. And take the rest of him with it.

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  1. Archeologists recently discovered a new dinosaur. It had a long red tongue and a very fat ass. Since is was new, they named it in the field pending further investigation and potential hearings. they chose: T-Rump Would be Rex.

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