Walter Reed

Virtually Nobody


Today, my friend Mike Petersen, who does a website and feature called “Cartoon of the Day,” used my cartoon from yesterday and said I was “piling on.” I don’t take issue with that, but that really wasn’t my intention.

For me, political cartoons should point out the obvious. Donald Trump told racist goons to “stand by.” In my cartoon, that goon is Clorox Man, who I created some time ago to replace Kool-Aid Man. I’m taking the same route for today’s cartoon. Trump said the coronavirus “affects virtually nobody.” Right now, the president of the United States is in Walter Reed Medical Center which is not where one goes when they’re unaffected by the coronavirus.

Donald Trump is in what they call the “Presidential Suite” at the military hospital in Bethesda. This is named after the president, not Donald Trump. But now, we should definitely call the coronavirus the “Trump Virus.” He has his name all over it. Now, it’s all up inside him.

If people see me as piling on, so be it. What’s worse than piling on is the inability of being humble by the Trump cult. Right now, these people should be eating some humble pie, eating crow, admitting they were wrong and that their actions endangered their health and lives, those of their families, and the entire nation. They need to eat some shit.

Eric Trump sent out a tweet about praying for his daddy. That’s nice. But at the debate, Eric refused to wear a mask. In fact, officials in Cleveland even offered him and his siblings, Donald Jr, Tiffany, Ivanka, and their wives and girlfriends, masks. Even Melania refused to mask up. And the thing is, the entire team of arrogant, selfish, entitled slobs showed up late. It was too late to be tested for the virus as everyone was supposed to be who attended the event. Donald Trump, who may have known he was likely to test positive, was not tested. They refused to be mature or responsible. They need to eat some shit.

This is selfishness and arrogance. But it gets worse.

After being in contact with the Biden Campaign, the Trump Campaign did NOT inform them of the danger. There was no courtesy or responsibility extended by Donald Trump, who of course has famously said, “I take no responsibility.”

Then, after learning White House aide Hope Hicks had tested positive and being on the same helicopter and plane as she was, Donald Trump still flew off to New Jersey for a fundraiser. An indoor fundraiser. Thursday, before Trump tested positive, but knowing he was in danger, White House Spokesgoon Kayleigh McEnany held a press briefing without informing the press. Now, three journalists have tested positive. Kayleigh needs to eat some shit.

Yesterday, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was out talking to reporters without a mask saying it’s OK because he tested negative. This is still being selfish and arrogant. They’re still ignoring science because if you’ve been paying attention, he can still test positive tomorrow. Mark Meadows needs to eat some shit.

And they’re testing positive. So far, three Republicans senators have tested positive. Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Mike Lee of Utah, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Do you know what all three of them need to eat? Shit.

Others in the Trump orbit of doom have also tested positive such as the First Lady, Melania, Kellyanne Conway (who was in the debate prep), Campaign Manager Bill Stepien, and others. You can expect more positives throughout the next few days. Does the Trump Virus affect one’s appetite because Melania, Bill, and most of all, Kellyanne need to eat….wait for it….SHIT!!!!

Yesterday, a fucknut cartoonist drew two cartoons defending Trump. In the first, Trump is still raring to debate despite having the virus. You know, because he’s a tough guy. In the second, he’s going after Nancy Pelosi for pointing out that Trump should have exercised more caution. The Trump cult doesn’t handle reality very well and we’re still not seeing anything resembling humble from them. Does Uber Eats deliver shit?

Eric wants us to pray for his dad. For the past eight months, these assholes have been real assholes about this. The White House has manipulated data. The president (sic) has demanded schools to reopen putting your children’s lives in danger. Jared thought this would play very well politically by hitting the blue states hardest. They made attempts to outbid states’ purchases of medical equipment, driving up costs. They withheld medical equipment with Jared saying, “It’s ours, not yours.” Trump tweeted, “Liberate Michigan,” sending his goons to storm state capitals. He encouraged bikers to gather in Sturgis. He continued to hold hate rallies without any safety precautions. In fact, in Tulsa, they removed stickers on seats that were encouraging social distancing. They waged a political war against wearing face masks. They made the masks about individual liberty and freedom. They promoted fake treatment like Hydroxychloroquine and bleach. Donald Trump promoted fake treatment from a doctor who warns of demon sperm. Donald Trump directed his goons to engage in a smear campaign against Dr. Fauci. The administration politicized the CDC. Even inside the White House, the wearing of face masks has been discouraged. And even after Donald Trump’s friend and supporter, Herman Cain, died, they refused to take it seriously. Every single Trump cultist needs to eat a big, huge pile of steaming shit.

A lot of liberals think Donald Trump is faking this. Trust me. They don’t want to eat all this shit.

There is hope. Yesterday afternoon, after Trump was helicoptered from the South Lawn to Walter Reed, a group of White House goons was seen gathered with nearly all of them wearing face masks. Though, they still were not practicing social distancing.

The president’s main job is to protect the people of the United States. Donald Trump has said this himself on many occasions. To do this, the president, even Donald Trump, must protect himself. His life doesn’t belong to just him and his family right now. He has an obligation to the nation. Donald Trump refused to protect the presidency. Take care of his citizens? Take care of his own people? Donald Trump, who has gathered his followers into tight rallies, failed to even take care of himself.

The Trump cult does not do well with facts, even when their lives depend on it. It’s a fact that most things Donald Trump says is wrong. He said the corona…er, Trump Virus “affects virtually nobody.”

He was wrong. If you don’t believe me, ask his doctor.

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Zelensky Loves It


Donald Trump made an unannounced, surprise, mysterious visit to the hospital over the weekend. The White House is in denial mode that there was an emergency for the 73-year-old obese manbaby, and his physician issued a statement saying, “regular, primary preventative care.”

Presidents get physicals once a year so why all the speculation? Because this was unannounced, his last physical was in February, Trump isn’t a picture of health, and he and this White House lie.

Stephanie Grisham, the White House Press Secretary, was indignant as she attacked the press for speculating on the visit and described an incredibly fit president full of energy. I mean, what’s wrong with us that after over 13,000 lies, that we don’t believe this one? Who wouldn’t believe their explanation that Trump is taking his physical in stages?

Personally, I’m kinda surprised part of their defense isn’t that President Volodymyr Zelensky loves that ass.

While it hasn’t been reported if Trump underwent a colonoscopy during his last visit, there are plenty of sycophants who have crawled up that ass.

David Holmes, the political counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, testified before Congress in a closed hearing that he overhead Donald Trump speaking to European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland over an unsecured cell phone. Holmes testified that he could hear Trump ask Sondland if Zelensky was going to investigate his political enemies. Sondland replied he would do anything Trump asks him to do and that “he loves your ass.”

After the call, conducted from a popular restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine, Sondland told Holmes that Trump didn’t “give a shit” about Ukraine and only cared about the “big stuff” going on in Ukraine. No, not “big stuff” like the war with Russia, but “big stuff” like investigating Joe Biden.

Trump and the people who love his ass lie about everything, big and small, from a routine physical to bribing a foreign president. The more testimony that comes out about his dealings with Ukraine, the more his ass is exposed. The only thing that will save his presidency are the Republicans in Congress who love his ass.

The best thing for this nation will be Trump’s ass getting impeached. And take the rest of him with it.

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