Poo-Flinging Republicans


Jim Jordan has a law degree but he never took the bar examination. It’s a good thing, too, because, there are some legal details he doesn’t understand, like corroborating witnesses.

Jordan pointed out that neither William B. Taylor Jr., the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, nor George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary of State specializing in Ukrainian matters, had never spoken to Donald Trump. Jordan’s argument was that it makes their testimony moot. Republicans love to compare the impeachment proceedings to a court of law, but corroborating witnesses are used in court all the time.

The other hole in this argument, that no witnesses are testifying who have spoken directly to Trump about the matter, is that it’s Trump who is preventing them from testifying. Republicans really don’t want their bluff called and see Acting Chief-of-Staff Mick Mulvaney or former National Security Adviser John Bolton testify.

Jordan also complained that the whistleblower isn’t testifying. Perhaps if Jordan had taken that bar exam, he’d know the whistleblower is another corroborating witness who isn’t needed on top of all the other corroborating witnesses. Also, maybe he’d realize it’s illegal to expose, intimidate, threaten, or harm a whistleblower. On top of all that, it’s a dick move on his part. But dick moves are all Jim Jordan has.

By the way, Linda Tripp heard it from a friend.

Jordan’s complaint is that Democrats are refusing to let the “guy that started it all” testify, as Republicans want him to do. Democrat Peter Welch replied, “I say to my colleague, I’d be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify. President Trump is welcome to take a seat right there.” Ouch.

Jordan and Republicans also argued that Donald Trump has done more for Ukraine than Obama. I’m not sure how Obama doing little for Ukraine is a defense for Trump abusing his office, but remember…I didn’t take a bar exam. They pointed out that more money has been directed to Ukraine from Trump than Obama since Russia invaded that nation. They failed to mention that Obama worked to oust Russia from the G-7 as one response, and Trump is trying to invite Putin back. Also, Trump wants to go to Moscow and watch a parade of Russian military weaponry that will probably continue parading all the way down to Crimea. Yeah, they didn’t mention any of that.

Jim Jordan also argued there is no crime here since Trump failed at it. If you’re ever caught robbing a bank, just tell them you failed because you couldn’t find the safe. They’ll let you go. If they don’t, call Jim Jordan.

They argue that Trump released the money he was withholding from Ukraine after he vetted them. The truth is, he released the money that was approved by Congress to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia after the whistleblower made his complaint.

The Republicans were outmatched. All they had were conspiracy theories. They have a defendant who has admitted he pressed a foreign country to help his political campaign. They have Trump on tape asking another foreign nation to investigate his political opponent. They have Rudy Giuliani’s confession he’s asked Ukraine to investigate Trump’s political opponents. They have Mick Mulvaney’s confession there was a quid pro quo and that we should get over it. Now they’re going to have another witness testify he overheard Trump asking the ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, about Ukraine investigating the Bidens.

Republicans made Jordan a temporary member of the House Intelligence Committee because they believe his hard-charging style of being an asshole would be their best defense of Donald Trump from impeachment. Jordan’s job is to scream, yell, ask questions in a shotgun fashion, expose the whistleblower, deflect, confuse the public, and spread Trump’s debunked conspiracy theories. It’s his job to throw poo.

Jim Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State for eight years. He’s been accused of being aware of and not acting on sexual misconduct by a team doctor. Somehow, according to the allegations, the doctor whacked off over 180 times in the shower in front of student-athletes over eight years without Jordan ever hearing about it. But hey, if Dr. Shower Whacker needs someone to ignore the crime and scream at his accusers, Jordan’s his guy.

Maybe Republicans should have brought in a poo-flinging monkey instead of Jordan. At least in the monkey’s defense, he didn’t take the bar exam.

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  1. The major difference I see between the D and R approaches boils down to reason versus emotion. The Democrats are relying on verifiable incidents corroborated by reliable witnesses, hoping to use facts to sway the thinking of the American public; the Republicans threw logic out the window when they backed a candidate with no political experience or background of interest in traditional Republican principles (remember those?) for no other reason than that they figured he might have a chance to win.

    The sheer hopelessness of this situation is that virtually everyone in the country has already chosen whether they want government by consensus after reasoned examination of information (including popular preferences), or random extreme decisions made by an emotionally volatile, deliberately ignorant narcissist who will tell them what they want to believe regardless of what he said the day before, or of how damaging the consequences may be. Sad to say, but poo-throwing monkeys are remarkably effective, aren’t they?

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  2. “ The truth is, he released the money, that was approved by Congress to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia after the whistleblower made his complaint.”

    The money was released ONE DAY AFTER Congress And The Public were MADE AWARE of the Whistleblower Complaint.

    “The Police are at the door. Quick, flush the drugs down the toilet!!!”

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  3. “Look everywhere else but at us!” Trump has been doing this all his life. Like Reagan, who conveniently “forgot” every questionable thing he ever did, the Repugs use the same tactics over and over: It worked the first time, so it will always work. They obviously have no idea what it means to learn. But then, isn’t that the definition of a conservative philosophy?

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  4. Clay your site just automatically loaded 2 game scams then a Walmart scam-all back to back. It was like visiting a porn site by accident in the 90’s, page after page of yuck. I don’t know how it bypassed my virus protection and FireFox’s protocols. Any time a page is redirected I have to give consent. This time it loaded before I got past the first row a yielders. Thought I should give you a head’s up.

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