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Imagine you’re sitting on a jury and you really want the defendant to be innocent. So, when a witness gives a damaging testimony, you just decide you’re not going to listen to him. That’s Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham said if there was evidence or testimony spelling out there was a quid pro quo, then it would be very concerning. So, after transcripts of witnesses’ testimony were released over the past two days, Graham said he wasn’t going to bother listening to any of it.

After a president is impeached, the Senate holds a trial to decide if the president should be removed from office. Lindsey Graham would be a juror if Trump is impeached. Lindsey has already decided Trump is innocent, or at least shouldn’t be held accountable, and won’t even bother to do his job and listen to the evidence. He won’t read the transcripts.

Donald Trump tells everyone to read the transcript of his phone call. During his Kentucky hate rally, the Trump campaign got the attendees standing behind Trump to wear T-Shirts with the slogan “Read The Transcript!”

This is a huge step forward for Trump sycophants. “Read the transcript” contains four syllables. Usually, they can’t do more than three, evidenced by “space force,” “lock her up,” “send them back,” and “build the wall.” They didn’t start a “read the transcript” chant, but I like to think if it came up, they could have powered their way through the four syllables. Or maybe it would have been like when a crowd can’t coordinate and it fails the wave.

I also think it’s nice that a Trump crowd was able to coordinate with everyone wearing white, and nobody was wearing a bedsheet or a Klan hood. Way to go!

However, Trump and his supporters are only basing their defense on T-Shirt slogans and not the transcript of his phone call. First off, if you read the “transcript” of his call, you will discover there is a quid pro quo and Trump is asking a foreign government to go after a political opponent. Everyone is focused on the quid pro quo, which is bribery and extortion, but it’s not required for Trump to be breaking the law and be deserving of impeachment. The simple act of asking a foreign government to go after his opponent should demand that Congress impeach Trump.

The other act of withholding money from Ukraine that was appropriated by Congress, and then asking that nation to help your campaign, is another offense which should require Trump’s immediate removal. And then there’s the whole obstruction thing.

The second thing about the shirts is that the wearers demanding that we “read the transcript” haven’t read the transcript. If they had, they would have “read” at the very top that it’s NOT A TRANSCRIPT!!!! No. It’s a summary. It’s edited. It’s been taken apart and put back together. It’s what the Trump administration wants us to see and even then, it’s still damaging.

If Trump supporters really want to get to the facts of the case, they’ll read the actual transcripts of the witnesses’ testimonies. Now, these are a lot longer than the summary of Trump’s phone call, and since it’s not a Trump transcript, some of the words are big. It’s not “Dick and Jane” or “Curious George,” which is more along the speed for Trump supporters. But “Curious George” would be a good start for the Trump cult, because they could use a little curiosity.

But, let’s help Trump supporters out.

See Donald. See Donald lie. See Donald ask Ukraine for stuff. See Donald break the law. See Donald talk about Donald. See Donald spin. See Donald not understand what Donald is talking about. See Donald have a temper tantrum. See Donald obstruct justice. See Donald get impeached. See Donald go to jail. See Nancy win.

Here’s the thing, Trump sycophants and assorted fucknuts: If you wanna wear a T-Shirt telling people to read, maybe you should learn to read for yourself first. But, hey. Congrats for going to a Trump rally and getting a free T-Shirt. It kinda sums up the entire Trump presidency for you.

Donald Trump was elected president and I didn’t get a wall, but I got a free T-Shirt.

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  1. “Donald Trump got elected & all I got was this lousy tee shirt.”

    Also, “quid pro quo” translates to, essentially, “this for that.” Soooo… military aid, for an investigation = quid pro quo. Really, using Latin against a Trump crowd was always a bad idea. Silly lawyers.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my gosh… you should see the episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that aired last week (11/3). You’ll wanna put an asterisk next to EVERY politician’s name if he/she was elected by an electronic only voting machine. lol

        But, yes. The Trump Presidency has stunk to high heaven from the beginning & deserves to be questioned before it’s placed in the history books.

        Liked by 1 person

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