Go Nats!


When Donald Trump was booed during game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park in Washington, the crowd wasn’t booing the president of the United States. They were booing Donald Trump.

While a lot of people, even many on the left, are upset the president of the United States was booed, others like myself found it appropriate. Presidents have been booed before, and at Nationals’ baseball games. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama were both booed by Nationals fans. But neither of them got a “lock him up” chant. Neither saw banners inside the park blaring “Impeach!”

There are a lot of reasons to boo Donald Trump. He’s destroying this country. He aims to be divisive. He only wants to be president for the worst Americans. He caters to Russia. He’s a narcissist engaging in corruption as we speak. He promotes nepotism. He’s a sexist. He’s really stupid. And…he’s the worst president in American history. But maybe the best reason to boo Donald Trump is because he’s a racist. The man has publicly stated he’s a nationalist.

Acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and former Virginia attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli got into a heated exchange with Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz during a committee hearing Wednesday. Wasserman Schultz accused Cuccinelli of pursuing a “white supremacist” ideology.

She said, “You want to block all immigration and make life harder for immigrants and you have demonstrated that you will pursue this heinous white supremacist ideology at all costs, even if it means making critically ill children your collateral damage in the process.”

The Cooch was upset and said her comments were “defamatory.” She shot back, “there’s nothing defamatory about it.”

Cuccinelli said, “I am not a white supremacist, as you alluded, nor is the president.”

If Ken Cuccinelli is your character witness that you’re not a racist, you’re gonna want to find another character.

Wasserman Schultz said “facts matter” when Cuccinelli argued he’s not a white supremacist. She’s right. It’s not defamatory to call a racist a racist. Donald Trump is pursuing a white supremacist ideology.

If Donald Trump doesn’t want to get booed, then he may not want to invite the Washington Nationals to the White House. If he wants to be in a warm, loving, sycophantic atmosphere that makes him feel squishy inside, then he needs to invite like-minded people, like white nationalists. I’m sure Stephen Miller will want autographs.

You need to boo Donald Trump. I need to boo Donald Trump. The people who aren’t booing him are the ones wearing sheets.

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  1. I like the play on Nationals/Nationalists. Fine job.
    I think the booing is what inspired the Nationals to come back to win the Series. They really wanted to thank their fans for expressing their honest opinions on the man who call himself president. The only other ones who do are the nationalists, and they can go eat worms. (Sorry, worms, I know they really wouldn’t eat you.)

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  2. “I’m sure Stephen Miller will want autographs.”

    I’d’ve assumed he’d be GIVING out HIS autograph.

    Did you all see the video of one fan giving his opinion of the PumpkinHead in the WH? Hilarious; I’m just glad he talked fast enough to get it all on video before the interviewer shut him down.

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