Boo Hoo Hoo


Trump and his supporters point to his MAGA hate rallies as proof of his popularity when arguing he’s going to win reelection in a landslide.

If you’re promoting an album and your tour sells out every arena, congratulations. You have a hit album. Though a venue may have 14,000 seats, the cities they’re in are typically bigger. You also have to account for people traveling to see you rock out with your jock out. While you may sell a lot of T-Shirts, it doesn’t mean you could be elected president.

And if you only go into rooms where people fawn over you, you might get the impression that you’re beloved in all rooms and everyone thinks you’re a stable genius. That’s like believing you’re a special boy because your mom thinks so. Oh, and in case you’re a Republican, the strippers don’t actually like you either.

Donald Trump doesn’t just hire advisers. He hires yes people. That is, people who say “yes.” These people don’t just praise his policies, they run to the media to tell us Donald Trump is a genius, which is what White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, who never holds a press conference, did this week. After the former chief of staff, John Kelly, said he warned Trump that if he hired a “yes” man to replace him, that he’d be impeached. Grisham said to the media that Kelly was “ill-equipped to work with the genius of our great president.” This is why Donald Trump thinks he’s a genius and totally oblivious to the fact he’s a dumbass. By the way, it’s hard to argue against Kelly’s comments while you’re literally getting impeached.

There was a news story this week that scientists taught rats how to drive little, tiny rat cars because it eases their stress, which is something I’m sure we’ve all been concerned about. While these rats are figuring out how to drive cars, Donald Trump can’t close an umbrella. Yes, he’s a genius.

But Donald Trump holds these hate rallies where women wear shirts asking him to grab them by the vagina. They eat up every word he says. They cheer and praise him. They repeat his three-syllable chants (in case you’re a Republican, “lock her up,” and “build the wall” are each three syllables. I’ll let you figure out “space force” for yourself. What do you mean, “what’s a syllable?”).

If Trump only talks to his paid yes sycophants, only attends hate rallies, only watches Fox News, and only talks to Lindsey Graham, he may not get the impression that over half the country despises him and thinks he’s an asshole. Maybe he should have talked to Graham back when the South Carolina senator thought he was a racist.

When Fox News published a poll that over half of eligible voters believe he should be impeached, he tweeted that their pollsters suck. I guess it never occurred to him that the pollsters may be right.

So, when Donald Trump visited the World Series Sunday night, he was probably expecting to be greeted with cheers. It was the first time he went out since the killing of al-Baghdadi. He took Lindsey and Matt Gaetz with him, but not his youngest son, because you’d rather take sycophantic buttpoodles to the World Series than your 13-year-old son. You don’t have to imagine his surprise when he was greeted with boos and “lock him up” chants.

Some people were upset about this. Fox News’ Dana Perino must be as clueless as Trump because she said, “I never thought he would get booed. I thought Americans won’t do that, Americans would cheer.” Hey, Dana. Most Americans don’t like Nazis. Go figure.

On the same show, Capri Cafaro was upset. She said, “Everybody has their First Amendment right to express themselves however they want, but I would say this, regardless of whether or not you agree with President Trump or not he is the President of the United States and this is the World Series.”

I don’t have a problem with this “president” getting booed at the World Series. If anything, they did him a favor. We should let him know he’s despised and repulses people who aren’t troglodytes. But the biggest reason I don’t have a problem with it is that he’s not presidential. He’s conducted himself in a manner before crowds that should be beneath a president. But, Donald Trump is beneath the presidency. Way beneath it. While Carafo argues, “he is the President of the United States,” I argue that he doesn’t want to be everyone’s president.

Donald Trump conducts hate rallies where he encourages people to chant “lock her up” and “send them back.” He inspires and condones hate at his rallies. He has literally told his people to physically assault the people there to protest. He deserves all the respect one should give a poo-flinging monkey, who could still probably close an umbrella. Booing Trump could be our new national past time.

Here’s the thing. Donald Trump has been heckling America. He’s been booing America. So, America, feel free to boo right back. And while you’re at it, lock him up.

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  1. Mr.Trump came to Chicago yesterday and spent a great deal of his speech to the Police Chiefs’ convention trash talking Police Superintendent Johnson & Mayor Lightfoot. i don’t know which was more nauseating: his ego-driven unscripted blather & slander, or those chiefs who applauded him for it.
    After the speech, myself & a couple thousand like-minded folks gathered near the Trumpsky Tower to let the POTUS* & his fund-raising buddies know just how we felt about him. It was glorious!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “ There was a news story this week that scientists taught rats how to drive little, tiny rat cars because it eases their stress,”

    “Eases their stress”???!!!
    Have those scientists never driven in DC, LA, NYC, or Boston???!!!


  3. This is the first crowd he didn’t have to pay off to come see him. (Not that he ever actually pays anyone, just makes promises he will!) So this crowd was able to say what they really wanted to. I’m betting he never attends a public event spontaneously again.
    Hooray for Washington!!!

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  4. trump is a sadopopulist.
    From Timothy Snyder’s book,
    “The Road to Unfreedom”.
    Strongly recommend this book to everyone for a full explanation about how trump was inserted by the russian fascists with a lot of help from the corrupt GOPers.


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