Trump Lynching


Yesterday, in one of his greatest reaches to paint himself as being unfairly victimized, Donald Trump used what might be the worst comparison in his presidency. That’s saying a lot because he’s made a lot of terrible comparisons.

Donald Trump equated his impeachment to a lynching. He tweeted, “So some day, if a Democrat becomes President and the Republicans win the House, even by a tiny margin, they can impeach the President, without due process or fairness or any legal rights,” Trump wrote Tuesday on Twitter. “All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here — a lynching. But we will WIN!”

What the Democrats are doing is legal. It’s in the Constitution, which Donald Trump calls “phony.” Lynching is not legal and I don’t believe it ever was in this nation, though it was allowed.

White Christian conservative men (let’s just pretend Trump’s a Christian since he claims it) are the biggest whiners about victimization where there isn’t any. In this instance, one of them is appropriating actual victimization, something that brutally happened to hundreds of Americans. Most of those Americans who were lynched in the past were black men, hung by white, Christian, conservative men.

Hey, Trump cultists. Guess what. Worse things have happened to people than being impeached. What will Trump appropriate next? Slavery? Japanese internment? The Holocaust? No, Donald Trump. Your impeachment is nothing like a lynching, especially since most lynching victims were only guilty of being the wrong color in a hateful society. Donald Trump is guilty of violating his oath of office. Nobody is hanging him because he’s orange.

That’s exactly why Donald Trump is going off the rails and lashing out in every direction. It’s because he’s guilty and America can see the evidence. Asking a foreign nation to investigate a political opponent isn’t just violating his oath of office, it’s illegal. It’s illegal even without a quid pro quo, but we have that, too.

In the summary of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s president, Trump is asking him to investigate his opponent. Later in front of the press, Trump admitted it. He asked China to investigate his opponent in front of the press. The terms and quid pro quo are in the texts between U.S. diplomats. Trump’s idiot lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, said he brought up investigating the Bidens to Ukrainian authorities. Trump’s own chief-of-staff explicitly described the terms of Ukraine receiving U.S. military aid in their war against Russia was dependent upon them announcing an investigation into a conspiracy theory over Ukraine meddling in the 2016 election and investigating Joe Biden’s son. Multiple witnesses have testified before Congress about those terms and there being a quid pro quo.

Yesterday, Bill Taylor, a career diplomat and acting-ambassador to Ukraine, testified before Congress that the White House had threatened to withdraw much-needed military aid unless Ukraine’s president announced investigations for Trump’s political benefit. In a 15-page opening statement, Taylor repeatedly (in case you’re a Republican, “repeatedly” means a bunch of times) expressed his shock and bewilderment as he watched U.S. policy toward Ukraine get overtaken by Trump’s demand that newly elected president Volodymyr Zelensky “go to a microphone and say he is opening investigations of Joe Biden and 2016 election interference.” By the way, that 2016 election interference by Ukraine is a debunked conspiracy theory. For some weird reason, Republicans like Trump believe the DNC server, which is still in Washington, is in Ukraine.

Because they don’t have anything to contradict his testimony and the fact that everything is true, Republicans engaged the strategy of attacking the accuser. They cried that since he’s a career diplomat, who’s served under Republican and Democratic presidents, he’s a member of the swamp and deep state. One Republican even complained that he’s unelected. Uh, he’s appointed just like every member of the president’s cabinet. Do you know who was never elected or appointed to serve in the Trump administration? Rudy Giuliani. Fuckers.

In the movie Liar, Liar, Jim Carrey’s character, a lawyer who is magically cursed not to lie by a birthday wish (it’s a stupid movie), objected during a trial and the judge asked why. He said, “because that testimony is hurting my case.”

As for the “lynching” comment, the most Republicans were willing to say against it was, “That’s not the language I would use,” which is what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said. South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, who’s from a state where at least 147 lynchings occurred, agreed with Trump and used the term himself and said the House actions amount to a “lynching in every sense,” and it’s “literally a political lynching.” He went on to say, “It’s not just racial, my friend. I’m from South Carolina. I understand it very well. Here’s what you don’t get. Mob rule is what lynching is all about. You grab somebody because you don’t like them. This is what happened to Kavanaugh. You’re guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent.” Graham couldn’t stop saying “lynching.”

I think the mob consists of the guys defending Trump and going after everyone who’s ever said anything truthful about him.

Donald Trump could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue, release a summary of a phone call boasting about the shooting, go before cameras and brag about the shooting while promising to do it again, have his chief-of-staff say “he shot someone on 5th Avenue,” put Giuliani on Hannity to say “he shot someone on 5th Avenue,” and have multiple witnesses go before Congress and testify they saw him shoot someone on 5th Avenue, then have the shooting victim’s corpse paraded in front of them and Republicans would say, “I don’t see any evidence of a shooting on 5th Avenue.” That’s what’s happening here. The evidence is piling up and Republicans are refusing to see it.

Republicans have refused to see Trump’s racism, his stupidity, his inability to do the job, his divisiveness, his collusion with Russia, and even his paying off a porn star. Now, they have direct evidence in their face and they still say it’s not there. Right now, they’re walking into a wall and the wall’s not moving.

Donald Trump is guilty and he should be impeached. So far, his best defense is a horrible, racist comparison that he’s being “lynched.” But Donald Trump is not going to be lynched. In fact, he’s going to stand trial in the Senate. He will possibly stand several trials in the future. He will be judged fairly, not just by his peers, but by people better than he is. Even with impeachment and imprisonment, Trump will receive better than he deserves.

Donald Trump is a repulsive, stupid, whiny, narcissistic, lying human being. And yesterday, he presented one of his greatest examples of the fact he’s a racist. The House will impeach him and the Republicans should join in.

History shows there’s a big difference between lynching and impeachment. History will also show that everyone who is still supporting Trump through all his corruption and racism is on the wrong side of it.

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  1. The Impeachment Hearings are NOT a Court Trial; they are the Constitutional Equivalent of a Grand Jury Proceeding.

    They will NOT result in a Conviction; they will result in Charges (Articles Of Impeachment), which will then be Tried Openly in the Senate.

    Grand Juries are held behind closed doors, to Protect Both Witnesses and The Person Under Investigation (PUI).

    Grand Juries are NOT required to give The PUI access to the Investigation, just like Police or FBI Agents are NOT required to give a Suspect access to an investigation.

    They are NOT EVEN Required to Notify The PUI that he or she is Under Investigation.

    (FYI There are BOTH Democrats AND Republicans on the Committees that are Conducting these Constitutional AND Legal Impeachment Investigations.)

    Where does The Constitution REQUIRE that The House hold OPEN PUBLIC INVESTIGATIONS related to POSSIBLE Impeachment?

    Where does The Constitution REQUIRE that The House give The PUI ACCESS to the INVESTIGATIONS related to POSSIBLE Impeachment?

    Any claims from 45* And Friends that The Democrats’ Handling of the Impeachment Investigation is ‘Unfair’ or ‘Illegal’ is Total BS and in my opinion also a Criminal Act.

    If I had my druthers, the above Statements Should Appear at the Beginning of EVERY Impeachment-Related Print Article, OnLine Article, Broadcast (Air And Cable) News Segment, and Broadcast (Air And Cable) Opinion Segment.

    Then let 45* And Friends spew their Treasonous Lies.

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