A Nationals Impeachment


Washington, D.C. has not sent a baseball team to the World Series since 1933 (which they lost). In fact, the city was without a baseball team from 1971 to 2005 because their team, the Washington Senators, fled to Texas to become the Rangers. The Washington team that went to the series in 1933, also named the Senators, are now the Minnesota Twins. Today’s team going to the World Series, who may face the American League team Houston Astros who used to be in the National League, used to be the Montreal Expos. This is a lot more confusing than Trump’s impeachment because Trump committed the crime, admitted it, and he should be impeached.

By the way, Donald Trump has never thrown a first pitch as president. He refused an invite from the Nationals in his first year as prez, either because he would have been booed out of the stadium or because walking from home plate to the mound might land him in a trauma unit. Even FDR, who was in a wheelchair, threw out first pitches. He did it ten times. Hell, even Nixon threw out a first pitch. If Trump ever does throw out a first pitch, I expect him to take a golf cart to the mound.

I’m one of those people who roots for two teams. The Chicago Cubs (who have always been in Chicago and in the National League) is my team. But I was here to see the start of the Nationals franchise, have cheered for them when they haven’t been playing my Cubs, and I’ve been to several games. But, I don’t feel like I’m finally seeing my team go to the World Series after years of waiting because, again, the Cubs are my team. But I’m very happy for the Nats and I hope they win the series. I also hope they face the Yankees because that’ll make for a more exciting series and look much more dramatic in the record book years for now. Who doesn’t want to take down the Yankees? The Astros? Meh. The Nats just took down the team that’s won the second most World Series. Maybe they’ll get a shot at taking on the team that’s won the most.

It didn’t look like the Nats would even make the playoffs as they were twelve games behind in their division last May. But, baseball has a very long season. They made it to the playoffs as a wildcard where they beat the Milwaukee Brewers, who originally started in Seattle then moved to Milwaukee to replace the Braves who originally started in Boston and then landed in Atlanta. They then earned the right to play the number one seed Los Angeles Dodgers (who used to be in Brooklyn) who they beat three games to two. Then, they swept the St. Louis Cardinals, four games to none. The Nats weren’t supposed to be here, but baseball is a funny game. So is politics.

It looked like Trump wasn’t going to be impeached after the Mueller Report came out and the Justice Department twisted what was in it. Any momentum to remove this corrupt president faded. With the primary season approaching, Democrats thought it best to beat him and the Russians at the ballot box. At the very least, Donald Trump knew that working with foreign governments to win an election was wrong and illegal. That was repeated over and over throughout the Mueller investigation and the Trump team knew it too as they kept repeating the talking point “no collusion.” I mean, after two years of talking about it, the illegality of it was made clear, right?

The day after Mueller testified before Congress on his report, Donald Trump asked a foreign government to meddle in the next election. It’s like getting off on a technicality on a bank-robbing charge, so you celebrate by robbing a bank. He then hid the evidence. He used money approved by Congress to extort that foreign government to help his campaign. His administration tried to block a whistleblower report from reaching Congress. And then, Donald Trump admitted he asked a foreign government to help him and then publicly, he asked another one to help. Finally, Trump obstructed justice by denying subpoenas from Congress for documents and testimony from people in his administration. Despite all this, most Republicans claim he didn’t do anything wrong.

Democrats are not overturning an election by impeaching Donald Trump. I mean, not unless they replace him with Hillary Clinton. It’s like the argument that it’s a coup, but it can’t be a coup if Democrats replace him with Mike Pence. The election was fraudulent and Trump and his team worked to make it that way. Impeaching Trump, which is authorized by the United States Constitution, isn’t as outrageous as Russia attacking our nation by making Donald Trump president. But, if anyone is overturning an election, that person is Donald Trump for violating and betraying his oath of office. It’s not the Democratic Party or the media’s fault Donald Trump is a corrupt son of a bitch who’s used his entire time as president to divide the nation and advance his own personal agenda and enrich himself further.

Article Two, Second Four of the United States Constitution was written in preparation for a president such as Donald Trump. It says a president shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. The only missing in Article Two is a picture of Donald Trump.

I don’t know if the Nationals are going to win the World Series. I don’t know if Donald Trump will be removed from office. But I do know two things. The Washington Nationals are going to the World Series and Donald Trump is going to be impeached.

Both are well deserved.

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  1. “It’s not the Democratic Party or the media’s fault Donald Trump is a corrupt son of a bitch who’s used his entire time as president to divide the nation and advance his own personal agenda and enrich himself further.”

    Okay, I LOVE that line, it puts the onus where it belongs. Also, thanks for going all sports on us! I’m a Twins fan myself, would love to see the “damned yankees” go down. (Damned Yankees reference applies here in your history lesson.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Houston Astros are not my favourite baseball team, but they have my favourite pitcher, Justin Verlander on board, so I will be cheering them on to wallop the old Montreal Expos. Funny you never mentioned that in your history lesson.
    Trump, he is counting on people who don’t understand what impeachment is all about to save him from himself. (Can he run for prez in 2020 if he is impeached before that?)

    Liked by 1 person

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