Roughing It, Volume 15

Here are several ideas I sent to CNN for last week’s opinion newsletter.


I didn’t know if this one works and I’m not a huge fan of the shadows concept. I knew there were better ideas coming.


I kinda liked this one, but it’s another play on a cliche. I didn’t mind not using it.


This was a meh.


I liked the point but it wasn’t doing it for me and probably not for my editors either.


I kinda like this one but it may be confusing.




This one made my editor say “Wow!” He didn’t go for it but thought it was really strong. So, I had to draw it for my clients. Several of them have used it.


Here’s the Rudy as Joker concept in its original form. I changed it up and gave it to my clients. I felt the rough needed some color to sell it to my editor.


This was OK. I drew something similar this week in another rejected rough. You’ll see that one in a future blog.


I tried with the “shooting on 5th Avenue” again.



CNNrough344This is the one we went with. I created it last Friday morning after spending Thursday afternoon and evening send ideas to CNN. I broke it down from six panels to three.


Here it is broken down. I like it better this way. I love Hamburglar. I said this before, but I think my editors at CNN are starting to get my weirdness.

Which ones are your favorites?

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