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  1. the trumpers are extremely ignorant hillbilly nuts. just look at their faces. the idiot in Virginia. same stupid look. sorry to say. that guy in Ohia was stupid enough to kill his own 22 yr old sister. WTFF?!!!

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    1. The guy in Ohio was a self described leftist…Trump supporters are easily the smartest & kindest people in America


      1. The “guy in Ohio” also described himself as both a “satanist” AND an “atheist”- something that indicates that he couldn’t tell his ass from his elbow as far as either his religious or political affiliations.

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      2. Don’t know what you’re talking about mike. Satanism and atheism go hand in hand. Satanism is more of the “do what thou wilt” philosophy. To act as the commandments are nonsense and there isn’t a moral judgment on our souls. So, one can be both.


      3. Ah, but i do know what i’m talkng about- atheism denies the existence of a deity- any deity- and Satanists worship Morningstar as a deity. One or the other. As i said, this Ohio guy couldn’t tell his ass from his elbow.

        But besides all that- what does that have to do with anything? So he may have been an atheist- so effing what?

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      4. The majority of atheists are leftists. I never brought up his atheism, you did that, but there’s no cohesive over-arching philosophy in atheism, it just means you don’t believe in God. If there isn’t a higher road of ideals to at least strive for, such as having the Ten Commandments, then atheists as a group by default, have no reason to live a righteous life. Some could strive for that, some don’t.

        I don’t think satanists even believe in satan, but hedonism, but I’m no satanist, so I really don’t know.


      5. “The majority of atheists are leftists” is a pretty sweeping generality and not one i’ve observed in my experience of atheists. Citations, please.

        i only brought up the atheist/satanist thing because it was mentioned elsewhere regarding the Ohio murderer and his demonstrably muddled thinking.

        Without putting too fine a point on it, it is a hackneyed meme that atheists “have no reason to live a righteous life” and again, i’ve not observed that to be the case in my experience of atheists, so i call BS on that statement. However, i have had experience with purported Believers which led me to feel that i couldn’t turn my back to them at a bake-off. Some of the worst people i’ve known have been church-goers, although i’d say that (i’d hope) many godly folks are righteous, and the atheists i’ve known are no less so.

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  2. For some stupid reason the media took a long time to report those shootings from El Paso. I first read about it here at 3:30 pm, Eastern time which would make that 1:30 pm El Paso time. THREE FULL HOURS after the first shots were fired around 10:30 am EP time. What happened there? Shootings now so common that it’s not important to report them right away?

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    1. It does take time to report information. Legitimate reporters will need to verify statements, the police have to give statements (which they often won’t do during an active shooter situation), & the news outlets may not want to report on an active shooter situation as it’s unfolding for various reasons.

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