Hate Your Face


Why in the world would you want to see what you’re going to look like when you get older decades before it happens? Trust me. You’re probably going to find out and you may not like it. I’m not liking the results I’m seeing now.

FaceApp is a photo-altering smartphone app that is a new social media trend. Everyone from your brother to celebrities you don’t care about are posting pics of what they’ll look like in the future. I don’t care what the Jonas Brothers look like now so why would I care about their faces in the future?

There may be greater concerns with the app other than how decrepit and raggly you’re going to look as an old fogey. The app is owned by a Russian company and there are concerns about how much information you’re handing over to participate in a useless online endeavor.

The Democratic National Committee, who has every right to be wary of Russians having access to their information, sent out an alert to staffers on presidential campaigns to delete the app immediately. Quite frankly, I’m tired of Russians on the internet engaging in activities that put lines on the faces of Americans.

Since Russia helped install Donald Trump into the White House, everyone who has actual concerns for this nation has aged a lot more than two and a half years. After last night’s hate rally, I feel like I’ve aged about ten.

I got lines on my face on election night in 2016 when I saw 62 million Americans vote for a stupid, narcissistic, sexist racist for president. Watching an arena engage in a racist chant last night put even more lines on it. My faith in my country is being replaced by wrinkles.

I don’t need an app to see my face age. I have a mirror for that. What I wonder about the cultists shouting, “Send her back” at the hate rally is if they own mirrors, and how are they able to look in them.

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