Party Of Racists


When the Access Hollywood tape came out, Jason Chaffetz who was then a representative from Utah, said he couldn’t support Trump because he’d have to explain it to his daughter. Shortly after, he supported Trump. I never did hear how he explained it to his daughter.

After Trump said a judge wasn’t qualified to preside over a lawsuit about his fake university, then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan described his comments as “the textbook definition of a racist comment.” As soon as Trump was elected president, Ryan promptly crawled up Trump’s racist ass.

In 2015, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham called Trump a “race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.” Yesterday, Graham accused the people describing Trump in a similar manner of “hating America.”

Today, very few Republicans are criticizing or even commenting on Trump’s racist comments toward four minority congresswomen. Some of those who have criticized Trump had to include criticism of his victims. Of those who criticized his comments, only a couple applied the word “racist” to them. Most Republicans who have commented are trying to help Trump frame women as the face of the “socialist” Democratic Party. In doing so, they’re making the GOP the racist party.

Elected Republicans are afraid of Trump because he’s more popular with Republicans than they are. This is their fault because they’ve nurtured a racist base for decades. Now, those racist chickens are coming home to roost. The GOP is less a party of ideas, policy, and principles and more a party of Trump. The most important thing to Trump voters is Trump. The Republican Party is now a cult.

Republicans need to look at Paul Ryan because that is their future. After they or Trump is out of office, they’ll criticize him and try to sell the idea they were the adults in the room preventing things from being even worse than they are. They’ll have to convince themselves that lie is true while their party is in embers and the confidence the world had in the United States is receding faster than Trump’s hairline.

The Republican Party used to be the party of Lincoln. Over the past few decades, it’s been described as the party of Reagan. Now, it’s the party of Trump. It’s the party of racists.

I’ve spent the past three years saying that not all Trump supporters are racists, but racism is not a dealbreaker for them. But now, there are no more wolf whistles. Racism is the deal.

Donald Trump isn’t just a stupid old man who says stupid things. He says stupid racist things and he knows what he’s saying. There is now walking around or deflecting the fact that the president of the United States, even one in office by a quirk in the system, is a racist. He’s even proud that racists agree with his racist comments and he said as much yesterday.

When a reporter asked Trump if it others him that racists agree with his comments, Trump said no because many people agree with his comments. That’s what the reporter said, you idiot. Many people are racists and they agree with you. See? He’s still a stupid old man who says stupid things, but he’s also a racist.

Trump may as well had dropped an N-bomb last weekend with his “go back where they came from” comments. There is no more quibbling over his racist comments. Trump’s racism isn’t just a part of the deal you accept to support him. Racism is the entire message and appeal of Trump. He has his base because he’s a racist.

Build the wall, Muslim ban, rapists, and murderers, shithole countries, birtherism, caravan invasions, family separations, baby jails, “fine people on both sides,” attacks on black athletes and black women, retweeting Nazi’s videos, and “go back where you came from” have only built his base within the Republican Party. Quite frankly, an N-bomb wouldn’t diminish his GOP support at all.

It used to be said, “Not all Republicans are racists, but all racists are Republicans.” Now, if all Republicans continue to support Donald Trump, then all Republican are racists.

Be Complicit

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  1. Welcome to life in the Upside-down, where the president* slanders four non-white women in racist terms, and when they & others call him out on it, they’re accused of “playing the race card.”


    i don’t know who is more nauseating- Mr. Trump, or his spin-doctors and sycophants.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. “i don’t know who is more nauseating- Mr. Trump, or his spin-doctors and sycophants.”

      Hey Mike, no need to choose, they are ALL equally disgusting and despicable.
      Although… Slimy McC and Miz Lindsey are fighting hard to”Rise Above The Crowd”.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Reason for the lack of whistle-blowers in the GOP is because they all left to retire, become Independents or join the Democrats.If I were them, I’d leave that party too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Techs, I believe that you’re missing something. Either that or the other (bothers) reference flew right over my head. ??

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank You Lyman Elliott. I thought since the post was made with a comma at the end…that there was supposed to be more. I either failed to notice Clay’s mistake or it was fixed by the time I read this. Not sure and I don’t have the time to check that now. Thanks again for the clarification. DC

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