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What happened to the Republican Party? They used to claim they were the party of personal responsibility. Now, not so much. It was just two years ago they couldn’t stand to let a member occupy a seat on committees who expressed support for white supremacy. Now? They’ll fight to defend a bigot who believes in crazy conspiracy theories and “liked” calls to murder Congressional Democrats.

Yesterday, freshman Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene defended herself before the House and said she didn’t believe in the crazy stuff she used to peddle. The way she phrased it was, she was “allowed” to believe the Qanon conspiracy.

First off, the Qanon cult is based on the belief there’s a deep state controlling our government of Satanic-worshipping blood-drinking pedophiles, and they’re all Democrats. Their membership consists of politicians and movie stars.

And yesterday, the party of personal responsibility looked the other way when Marjorie Taylor Greene said she was “allowed” to believe so much bullshit. Allowed? As in it’s not her fault? She’s an adult and a member of the United States House of Representatives, not a baby whose parents allowed her to stick forks into electrical outlets.

If I buy into the beleif that all Republicans are troglodyte racists who support terrorists and a president who wants to date his daughter…wait, bad example.

If I buy into the belief that all Republicans are incapable to get humor, sarcasm, and irony…sorry. Another bad example.

If I buy into the belief that all Republicans are greedy and corrupt… Shit.

I got it. If I buy into the belief that all Republicans are ugly (eh), it’s not the fault of the person who sold me that belief. It would be my fault. I’m an adult. I’m capable of looking shit up. There’s probably a Republican somewhere who’s not totally hideous or CHUD-like (C.H.U.D.s. Look it up). Marjorie Taylor Greene is an adult. She has the internet, right? She can use Google. She chose to chase conspiracy theories, and even worse, spread them to other stupid, dumbass hillbilly fucknuts.

Yesterday, Marjorie tried to convince us she’s not responsible for believing shit like pizzagate, the conspiracy theory that Democrats were operating a child-sex ring from the basement of a Washington, D.C. pizza parlor. And she stood on the floor and said 9/11 and school shootings did actually happen. For this, she was praised.

How insane is it that a member of Congress had to say they believed 9/11 and school shootings have happened? You know, I believe the Earth isn’t flat. Give me a medal.

You know what Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t say?

She didn’t say that a plane flew into the Pentagon which is something she expressed doubt about in the past. She didn’t say the Parkland school shooting happened, which she called a “false flag” operation and went on to stalk and harass survivor David Hogg. She didn’t even say she has stopped believing that Jewish space lasers financed by the Rothschilds were responsible for California wildfires. And, she didn’t say she was sorry.

Republicans claimed she said she was sorry behind closed doors. But when she addressed the entire House and the nation yesterday, she said she had “regrets,” but didn’t apologize. Instead, she blamed the media and Democrats. And the party that tried to cancel Liz Cheney blamed “cancel culture.”

The biggest thing Greene didn’t apologize for or even bring up is her support of comments to murder Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in the House.

Afterward, the House voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees, specifically the Education Committee. What sort of maniac puts a school shooting denialist and harasser and stalker of school shooting victims on the Education Committee? Kevin McCarthy, that’s who.

And 199 Republicans voted to keep that Qanon stalker on the Education Committee. Only 11 Republicans voted to remove her.

If this vote was confidential, would the GOP have removed her? The thing is, they’re afraid of upsetting the base. Marjorie Taylor Greene has raised an absurd amount of money on the Qanon lies. Minority Leader McCarthy went to Florida to grovel before the cult leader of Q, Donald Trump. The entire party is afraid of the terrorist-supporting base that is Qanon. The GOP is now the party of Qanon.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not the only supporter and believer of lies and conspiracy theories in Congress. In the House, 147 Republicans voted against certifying the election which was based on the lie that it was stolen. It was the promotion of that lie that fueled the terrorist cult that attacked the U.S. Capitol.

And that’s another thing Greene didn’t mention, her belief in the big stolen election lie. And if you don’t think you fall down rabbit holes with conspiracy theorists and cultists yet believe in the stolen election lie, congratulations. You are Qanon.

The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan, or even George W. Bush. They are now the party of Qanon. They’re the party of that fucking MyPillow Guy. And if runs for Congress, don’t act surprised.

The Republican Party voted yesterday to be the party of Q.

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The House That Trump Built


Republicans don’t comprehend well. You can scream as loud as the banshee Don Jr is dating and they still wouldn’t get it.

For the past three nights, Republicans have used their convention to tell us Donald Trump is not a racist while not once showing any support for Black Lives Matter. Last night, not one of them said Jacob Blake’s name. And of course, no one said Kyle Rittenhouse.

Kyle Rittenhouse is only 17, and like the Republicans he supports, he doesn’t get it. He was a big promoter online of Blue Lives Matter. What he doesn’t get here is, blue lives have always mattered. Today, one of my conservative colleagues drew a cartoon justifying the killing of Blake by arguing he shouldn’t have resisted arrest, and he used the term “all lives matter.” Just like blue lives, white lives have always mattered. The reason we say “black lives matter” is because the culture and system in this nation still does not believe they do. And resisting arrest should not be a death sentence. It’s like arguing a woman asked to be raped because she dressed seductively.

Case in point: Last night, while arguing for equality, Mike Pence defended our “culture” and Confederate statues. Another case in point: New video footage came out showing Kenosha police handing out bottles of water to the “vigilantes.”

The chief of Kenosha’s police says he refused to deputize armed citizens, which is smart. But then, his cops are on the street, handing out water to these militias and thanking them. The chief said his cops would hand out water to anyone, so let’s see the footage of them handing out water to BLM protesters and thanking them.

The chief also defended Rittenhouse saying the shootings wouldn’t have happened if everyone had obeyed the curfew and that Rittenhouse was just there to “resolve” the conflict. Seriously. I’m not a cop, but it seems to me that if the protesters are breaking curfew, then so are the fucking militias who are armed. The cops didn’t tell them to get off the streets.

And the other footage just released shows Kyle Rittenhouse approaching multiple police vehicles, even getting within inches of one, looking in the window, and the cops just waving him off. This was immediately after Rittenhouse had shot three protesters, killing two and taking the arm of another. The protesters were yelling at the police that Rittenhouse had just shot people. The police let him go. Why? Because he’s white.

We don’t need to ask how would the cops have responded if this was a black man with a gun. They shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back and are now supporting that action by saying he had a knife in his car…which he was not in. Also, the cops who shot Blake in the back seven times have STILL NOT BEEN CHARGED. Maybe this is why Rittenhouse dreamed of being a cop. You can shoot black people and get away with it. Hell, he almost did just by being white.

The GOP celebrated Mark and Patricia McCloskey for standing on their lawn pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters walking by their house. They had them as speakers at their convention. They warned if Joe Biden is elected, black people may walk by your house where your white family lives. Donald Trump and the Republican Party are making heroes and victims out of the McCloskeys. This probably leaves a huge impression on gun fetishists, especially one as impressionable as a 17-year-old.

Kyle Rittenhouse has a gun fetish. He has a cop fetish. He is a Donald Trump supporter. He even sat in the front row of a Trump rally. He’s also a killer and a terrorist. And the Republicans who support “law and order” and claim they’re the best at protecting us from terrorists…are defending this white terrorist. They’re calling this murderer a hero. This Trumpian version of Hitler Youth got exactly what he wanted. He got to shoot black people and he’s becoming famous, like he said he wanted, in the right-wing bubble.

They’re arguing he was just defending himself. Yeah, he drove across state lines to a town he didn’t live in to confront protesters and defend himself. Then, he ran away back across state lines after shooting people. He did not defend himself. He attacked people. He was on another video claiming it was his job to defend businesses in Kenosha, yet he was in the middle of the street shooting at people. It was not this 17-year-old kid’s job to drive to Kenosha and defend businesses. He should have stayed home and played on 4chan like most right-wing Trump supporting fucknuts.

And the other militia members who were in his presence, it doesn’t seem that any of them had an issue with a kid joining them with an assault rifle. The cops passed him several times and never had an issue with a kid on the streets with an assault rifle. Why? Because he’s white.

And how did he get that assault rifle? He’s 17. He’s not supposed to be able to purchase one. Has anyone on Fox News asked that question? Will the Republican Party ask that question? Let me kill the suspense right now. No.

The GOP is real big about calling for law and order and ending violence…but they won’t specifically call out these militia fucknuts. In fact, Donald Trump tweeted at them to liberate states with Democratic governors.

This morning, Donald Trump, the Republican Party, Fox News, and all conservatives can’t accept their complicity, can’t mention the crimes, can’t call this kid a terrorist, and can’t own any responsibility. Just as he said about the coronavirus, he’s not responsible.

The entire Republican Party is responsible for this kid who went out to shoot black Americans. It’s every right-wing gun fetishist’s dream. It’s why they carry long rifles into Starbucks. They’re hoping a black guy will make their day.

Kyle Rittenhouse went to Kenosha to have his day made. He went stormtrooping down the street, took lives and ruined others. The Republican Party encouraged this and now they’re defending it.

This an issue where we need to fight for civil rights and gun control. And maybe, the Republican Party and the president (sic) of the United States can stop glorifying white right-wing terrorists.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party support and promote white right-wing terrorists.

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Leaving The Hurd


The Republican Party has been exercising racism for decades, but until now, there were always people like Will Hurd among its members, other than the black thing of course. For example, before Donald Trump came along, you could easily get a hell of a lot more than four votes from Republicans in the House of Representatives to condemn a racist comment.

The Grand Old Party has now become the party of Trump, resembling a cult more than a political party. The GOP is less a party of issues and more about the cult of a personality, a rotten, horrible, vile, stupid, racist personality. It only makes sense that the party is dead on details since they worship a man who won the presidency without any specifics to his proposals. He promised to build a wall that Mexico would pay for, without telling us how he would make Mexico pay for it. He promised to replace Obamacare with “something better.” On foreign policy, his position was that he knew more than the generals. Now, the party’s policies are Trump, Trump, and Trump. Any member who defies that will suffer the same fate as Mark Sanford.

The fear of being the next Mark Sanford, a congressman who criticized Trump and then was primaried for his crime, has cost the Republican Party the House of Representatives. Now, they have to explain Trumpism. Ask a Republican how tariffs are not taxes. Ask a Republican how Canadian cheese is a national security threat. Ask a Republican about why increasing the national debt is now a good thing. Ask a Republican how a treaty preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is bad but a treaty with North Korea that doesn’t say anything is good. Ask a Republican why we shouldn’t be concerned about Kim Jong Un testing ballistic missiles. Now, ask a Republican how racist comments are not racist comments.

Except for Will Hurd. Hurd will tell you a racist comment is a racist comment. He was one of only four representatives in the House that recognized Trump’s “Go back to where you came from” tweet was racist. Now, Hurd, who is the only Republican representing a district on the border with Mexico, will not run for re-election next year. Hurd is the only African-American member of the House. Unless another black Republican is elected in 2018, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina will be the only one left in Congress.

Hurd was considered the future of the party, which has been a lie all along. He was the Republicans’ pipe dream of their future. The future of their party is not diverse when your leader attacks four female members of Congress for being minorities, talks about brown people from “shithole countries,” calls inner cities “rat-infested,” and attacks black representatives and civil rights leaders. The future of your party is not diverse when hate crimes increase upon the election of your racist leader. The future of your party is not diverse when your leader was endorsed by the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan and by the founder of the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website. The future of your party is not diverse when the KKK holds parades in honor of your party’s leader. The future of your party is not diverse when your leader retweets neo-Nazis. The future of your party is not diverse when your leader defends Nazis. The future of your party is not diverse when you refuse to confront your leader on any of this.

Five other Republicans have announced they will not seek re-election to the House. Currently, there are only 13 female Republicans in the House and two of them are also retiring. The GOP hopes to retake the House in 2020, but it’s an effort made even more difficult by incumbent retirements, especially from districts like Hurd’s, which went for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hurd won re-election in 2018 by a little over 1,100 votes.

In a speech last June, Hurd said, “The party is not growing in some of the largest parts of the country. Why is that? I’ll tell you.” Then he told us.

“Don’t be a racist. Don’t be a misogynist. Don’t be a homophobe. These are basic things that we should all learn in kindergarten.”

The kindergarten president, who is now well into his 70s, still has not learned it. The Republican Party probably learned it, but they’ve chosen to abandon it. Now, when you talk to Republicans, they don’t see how telling brown people to “go back to where you came from” is racist. Their future isn’t Will Hurd. It’s defending the use of the N-word.

That’s why the future of their party does not look like Will Hurd. It looks like Donald Trump. It looks like a a bunch of white guys wearing sheets carrying tiki torches.

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Party Of Racists


When the Access Hollywood tape came out, Jason Chaffetz who was then a representative from Utah, said he couldn’t support Trump because he’d have to explain it to his daughter. Shortly after, he supported Trump. I never did hear how he explained it to his daughter.

After Trump said a judge wasn’t qualified to preside over a lawsuit about his fake university, then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan described his comments as “the textbook definition of a racist comment.” As soon as Trump was elected president, Ryan promptly crawled up Trump’s racist ass.

In 2015, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham called Trump a “race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.” Yesterday, Graham accused the people describing Trump in a similar manner of “hating America.”

Today, very few Republicans are criticizing or even commenting on Trump’s racist comments toward four minority congresswomen. Some of those who have criticized Trump had to include criticism of his victims. Of those who criticized his comments, only a couple applied the word “racist” to them. Most Republicans who have commented are trying to help Trump frame women as the face of the “socialist” Democratic Party. In doing so, they’re making the GOP the racist party.

Elected Republicans are afraid of Trump because he’s more popular with Republicans than they are. This is their fault because they’ve nurtured a racist base for decades. Now, those racist chickens are coming home to roost. The GOP is less a party of ideas, policy, and principles and more a party of Trump. The most important thing to Trump voters is Trump. The Republican Party is now a cult.

Republicans need to look at Paul Ryan because that is their future. After they or Trump is out of office, they’ll criticize him and try to sell the idea they were the adults in the room preventing things from being even worse than they are. They’ll have to convince themselves that lie is true while their party is in embers and the confidence the world had in the United States is receding faster than Trump’s hairline.

The Republican Party used to be the party of Lincoln. Over the past few decades, it’s been described as the party of Reagan. Now, it’s the party of Trump. It’s the party of racists.

I’ve spent the past three years saying that not all Trump supporters are racists, but racism is not a dealbreaker for them. But now, there are no more wolf whistles. Racism is the deal.

Donald Trump isn’t just a stupid old man who says stupid things. He says stupid racist things and he knows what he’s saying. There is now walking around or deflecting the fact that the president of the United States, even one in office by a quirk in the system, is a racist. He’s even proud that racists agree with his racist comments and he said as much yesterday.

When a reporter asked Trump if it others him that racists agree with his comments, Trump said no because many people agree with his comments. That’s what the reporter said, you idiot. Many people are racists and they agree with you. See? He’s still a stupid old man who says stupid things, but he’s also a racist.

Trump may as well had dropped an N-bomb last weekend with his “go back where they came from” comments. There is no more quibbling over his racist comments. Trump’s racism isn’t just a part of the deal you accept to support him. Racism is the entire message and appeal of Trump. He has his base because he’s a racist.

Build the wall, Muslim ban, rapists, and murderers, shithole countries, birtherism, caravan invasions, family separations, baby jails, “fine people on both sides,” attacks on black athletes and black women, retweeting Nazi’s videos, and “go back where you came from” have only built his base within the Republican Party. Quite frankly, an N-bomb wouldn’t diminish his GOP support at all.

It used to be said, “Not all Republicans are racists, but all racists are Republicans.” Now, if all Republicans continue to support Donald Trump, then all Republican are racists.

Be Complicit

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McCain Cartoon, Part Deux


I know most publications won’t be able to run the previous cartoon I drew on John McCain, but would still want a cartoon on the subject. To show my clients I’m not entirely insane, I drew another that’s a bit safer. While it may not be a sappy, sentimental, Heavenly Pearly Gates cartoon (which editors love), it’s something they can use without being over the top and it makes an actual statement.

I drew a cartoon very similar to this one in 2016 after Nancy Reagan died. But, that was two years ago. I can say it again. At that time, I felt the GOP was turning into a party of extreme wackos thanks to the Tea Party and Trump supporters. Now, I feel the situation is more drastic as the party has become the party of Trump, which resembles a religious cult more than a political party.

A lot of Americans want our nation to be more than a two-party system. They want to see third and fourth parties, such as the Greens and Libertarians gain strength. Some people will vote third-party, even if they don’t agree with the platform, in hopes that their vote will help change the system.

I believe in checks and balances. Even though I’m more liberal than most people, I think even liberals should be held in check. I don’t want one party to control all three branches of government without being challenged. While I want a liberal majority on the Supreme Court, I still want dissenting views.

Now, we don’t even have two parties to choose from if you want to vote responsibly. While one party is arguing about how far left they should go, the other party has abandoned the rule of law and refuses to hold a president in check out of fear of his sycophantic supporters. Our only hope is that this midterm election is so devastating to Republicans that they cease the Trump worship. With the death of John McCain and the retirements of anyone else in the GOP willing to criticize Trump, we’re left with a Republican Party that’s putting cult of personality over our nation.

Who is left in the GOP to call out the extreme, the racist, the sycophants, or even those who promote torture? Will the GOP be buried with McCain?

Maybe the only way to prevent the Republican Party from complete destruction is to bury them this November.

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Trump’s Little Pony


Trump strategist and noted idiot Sean Spicer went on CNN and MSNBC to defend Melania’s plagiarism by saying some content of her speech is similar to “My Little Pony.” Plagiarism is magic! After spending a day and a half denying any similarities between Melania’s and Michelle Obama’s speeches, and blaming Hillary Clinton (yes….blaming Hillary Clinton), the Trump campaign offered a head on a platter.

Meredith McIver (not “MacGyver”), the writer of the tainted speech, said Melania admires Michelle Obama and quoted parts of her speech to McIver over the phone. McIver, who claims she never looked at Obama’s speech, said that she took notes and included them in the speech. I gotta say, she takes very good notes since she got it word for word. Also, since Melania was such a big admirer of Michelle Obama (which is uncomfortable for Republicans), and read those lines to the writer, why didn’t she recognize them when she read them later in her speech? If I tell you I love Nirvana and you come back with a speech that includes “a mulatto, an albino
a mosquito, my libido,” I’m gonna notice some similarities.

I suppose we’re now required to forget that Melania took total credit for her speech beforehand. But then again, this very intelligent self-made woman who married a billionaire has it in her bio that she graduated from college, when she’s in fact a drop out. Nothing wrong with that. I’m a college dropout but I don’t lie about degrees I don’t have on resumes.

Republicans state she’s not stupid because she’s fluent in five languages. Really? Have you heard Melania speak five languages? I know what “hasta la vista” and “por favor” mean, but that doesn’t make me fluent in Spanish.

So far at this convention we’ve had a pastor describe Democrats as the enemy, a speaker who’s a member of American Muslims For Trump (and he’s probably the only member), speakers yelling for prison time for Hillary, Ben Carson accusing Hillary of having a devil worshiper as her hero, Congressman Steve King saying white people have contributed more to civilization than any other race, and a Trump adviser saying Hillary Clinton should be shot.

Republicans are selling merchandise at the convention calling Clinton a “bitch,” and mentioning her body parts. You had Chachi tweeting out a very vulgar comment about Clinton.

Only 18 of the 4,472 delegates are black. They’ve had more minority speakers than minorities in the audience. It’s really hard to engage in minority outreach while being the biggest bag of dicks in American history.

On top of all this, Laura Ingraham finished off her speech with a Heil Hitler salute. I’m still waiting for that one to be explained.

There’s been a lot of themes for this convention, but it’s been entirely based upon hate, vitriol, and vengeance.

This convention has been a total dumpster fire. I’m loving it!

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Trump, The Republican Nominee


Ted Cruz had a bad week. He was chewed out by a ten-year-old, lost a debate with hecklers, was accused of being the Zodiac Killer, his father was accused of killing JFK, he elbowed his wife in the face, his veep selection fell off a stage, and he lost the Republican nomination to an Oompa Loompa reality TV star. It was a really bad week.

Cruz said he needed to face Donald Trump one-on-one, and he’d win. He didn’t. He said Trump wouldn’t be able to secure the delegates needed to win the nomination. He was wrong. He said he’d be the next president of the United States. He was wrong. He said Carly Fiorina would be the next vice president of the United States. He was really wrong.

By next week he’ll be endorsing Trump, if not by Wednesday afternoon. Ted Cruz is just that kind of guy. Watch.

Now the GOP, the establishment, and the Stop Trump Movement are in the freak-out stage before they finally fall into acceptance. They could support John Kasich but that’s more ridiculous that Fiorina being the veep nominee.

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States. Donald Trump. The reality TV guy. The pathological liar. The philanderer. The man who insults minorities, women, and veterans. Donald Trump.

As much as Hillary Clinton may be detested and suspicious, she is going to be our next president. The electoral college doesn’t work out for the Republicans, even if their nominee wasn’t Mr. Bad Combover. You can’t win the presidency when the only majority you win are white guys.

The GOP has to decide to fight for a Trump presidency, or distance themselves so they don’t lose the House and Senate.

Some Republicans are actually jumping to Hillary. Hell froze over with Trump winning the nomination. Republicans supporting Hillary will bring a second layer of ice.

I’m saddened to see Cruz knocked out before the convention. I’m disappointed there won’t be a brokered convention. Yes, I still have Trump taking on Clinton in the general election and that should be fun. Maybe Kasich will enter a pie eating contest. Maybe Trump’s veep pick will be Sarah Palin. Maybe it’ll be Bristol Palin!

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