Reparation Boy


White conservatives like to get upset and pretend they’re being victimized. For these people, equal rights mean fewer rights for them. That’s their logic.

Gay pride parade? Then why don’t we have a straight pride parade? Black history month? Why can’t we have a white history month? Black president? Why can’t we have a racist president?

Now, with the talk of reparations for the descendants of slaves in the United States, white conservatives are once again getting upset. They argue that since they’ve never owned a slave and nobody alive in this nation was ever a slave, then why should there be reparations. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell even believes that the “original sin” of slavery has been paid off since one of our 45 presidents was black. A president he stole from and swore to fight to limit to one term.

While nobody in the United States ever owned or was a slave, the entirety of American society is descended from the slavery era, which went from 1619 to 1865. After slavery was abolished, America still persecuted black Americans. Today, black Americans make less than their white counterparts. The average household wealth for African-Americans is 1/16th of that for white families.

Today, there are Americans whose parents were denied their right to vote. Today, there are Americans still being denied their right to vote. We even have a president who practiced housing discrimination based upon applicants’ race.

And, while you argue that you never benefited from white privilege, you never had to give your white son a lecture on how to talk to a cop so he doesn’t kill you for being white in public. I could argue that I never benefited from white privilege, but my talk was how to avoid getting a ticket, not avoiding being shot.

One of my copy editors made the point to me this morning, that people argue “if it hasn’t happened to me personally, then it’s not a problem.” White conservatives believe this is a case of people wanting something for free, but it’s not free. Black Americans paid for it. They’re still paying for it. Many of these people saying “get over it” are still waving a Confederate flag and demanding that their statues not be removed.

The inability to understand that society treats people differently depending on their race is about as sound as Joe Biden’s argument that racist pro-segregation senators respected him because they never called him “boy.” Why can’t we all just get along as well as white Joe Biden did with white racists?

Biden, a liberal, is committing the same sin white conservatives commit on a daily basis. He’s having it explained to him by Cory Booker, a black man, and in return, Biden has demanded Booker apologize to him.  What’s next? Is Biden going to refer to Obama as his black friend?

The bill currently in Congress will not dole out cash to every black American if passed. It will only give a study on reparations. It’s designed to someday make the nation wake up and confront the damage inflicted upon it by slavery that lingers today. We need to move on from being a nation of sorry, not sorry.

We need a better answer than saying reparations have been made because we elected a black president when you didn’t even vote for that president yourself.

The descendants of those who profited from slavery are arguing the bill has been paid when they refuse to even look at the IOU.

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  1. 20+ Trillion dollars have been taken, borrowed and given to help with poverty and welfare. 50 plus years of affirmative action. Taking more money from innocent people isn’t gonna make what happened better. That’s just another form of slavery and serfdom.

    What 2% of the population owned slaves? So, everyone now has to be stolen from? News flash 99.89% of us descend from slaves, get over it.


      1. What, you own a slave? You know someone that owns a slave?….no, of course not. Just because one’s skin has less melanin than other, doesn’t mean they’re guilty. Or vice versa…the privilege talk is nothing more than Marxist commie nonsense. Capisce

        You wanna live in a society where you are judged for wrongs you never committed?


    1. Reparations for any group would cause even more bitter divisions. How about the police, lynchers, and other assorted KKK persons and their abhorrent activities ACTUALLY paying for their goddamn crimes?

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      1. WTF! The chicken crossed the road and ate your nads. It isn’t a goddamn “joke.” Simple answers, give me one that works for everyone’s bullshit and “heartfelt beliefs.”


      2. I have to agree with the “?” response mike w. I believe there may be a misunderstanding here. I type this because valeriewagner3 has always appeared to be even keeled with the commentary I’ve read from her in the past. The best to both of you. Sincerely, DC

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      3. Mike, my sister Laura was on my computer for 3days while visiting from Arizona. Laura should know better than to use my computer while she’s partying. I wasn’t amused and can only apologize for her. Lori may think it hilarious, I do not. You can pick friends…Again my apologies.

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  2. “Biden, a liberal, is committing the same sin white conservatives commit on a daily basis. He’s having it explained to him by Cory Booker, a black man, and in return, Biden has demanded Booker apologize to him. What’s next? Is Biden going to refer to Obama as his black friend?”

    I hate to say it, but it appears that Biden is trying to steal votes from 45* by appealing to 45*’s Base.

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  3. I have a problem with reparations Clay; so will millions of Americans. The wholesale torture, hangings of thousands and the abuse of African Americans, not to mention profiling is accepted and condoned by our own government. The glaring problem while they were being abused they also received DSHS, medical, housing and free programs for schooling and trades. It was shitty programs and half-assed but it still took trillions of tax money. This for many, many generations; for people of color and whites. You can bet and win that most, if not all those that support 45 have been on the dole ALL their lives. In my opinion, if you spent your life on welfare, you got your reparations.


    1. See President Woodrow Wilson’s firing of government black employees and re-segregation. He ran on that platform. The great depression whites called for firing blacks to give jobs to whites. Half the blacks were unemployed. Lynchings drastically went up in the South. When the welfare program was created it was sabotaged by such things as not giving welfare to households that had an unemployed husband. It became a choice for them to not be married if you didn’t want your kids go hungry/homeless resulting in today’s ghetto culture.

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  4. I’m not black, but I’m trying to project my honest thoughts: I’m not so sure that a descendant of slaves that receives (say) a check for $1000.00, or a check for $10,000.00 (or $50k) will feel better or liberated, or in some cases have less animosity toward some white people or what they or their family have went through in the past or today. Anybody in America would be happy to receive some money, but other than having some quick cash-what will this accomplish? Will white Americans be able to proclaim, “We finally fixed things” by giving people some money? No way. Will black people feel relieved or better about American society? Put another way: How much money per person is the correct amount of money to be given to each descendant to accomplish. ah________, something? Who’s driving this reparation talk, the white’s or the blacks? I don’t think it is the black people. Maybe someone should ask a slave decedent what they would want.

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