Roughing It, Volume 2

Hey, kids. Here are a few selected roughs from the week before. If all the ideas seem outdated, it’s because they probably are. I’m opted to keep a couple close to the vest as I may still draw them.

Do you get those Facebook memories showing you posts you made a year ago, or even longer? I do, and when they show a cartoon from last year, it seems the issue is still alive. So, last week, I know I drew a few cartoons that will still be relevant next year. That’s why there are a few roughs I’m not going to show you. I just have to remember I have them.


This was submitted to CNN the week before last. I liked it at the time but I think more pressing issues overtook it. I thought Trump’s projection about Biden being obsessed with him was amusing. It’s like calling an ex to tell them you’re not calling them anymore.


I did this one on the John Dean testimony. I wanted to cover this issue and later had a different, better idea for it, which I drew last week. You’ve already seen that cartoon and the rough.


On the same subject. That’s supposed to be Nixon. Maybe you should squint while looking at it. Looking at this idea, I think I like it more now.


I thought Trump’s willingness to commit treason would be the biggest issue to cover for CNN, but we went with Sarah Huckabeee Sanders’ resignation. I covered this issue for my syndication with another cartoon. I think the idea above would have been drawn by just about any cartoonist. I’m kinda surprised someone else didn’t think of it. Of course, this drawing really stinks, even for a rough. He’s supposed to be on the White House portico but it looks more like he’s in a messed-up hot air balloon having severe difficulties.


I wasn’t sure if this idea really nailed it, but later I saw some other people make the same analogy. This was kinda meh for me. I liked it, didn’t love it. But, it’s funny conservatives mocked Biden for promising to cure cancer and are now silent after Trump has made the same promise.


I liked this one and I’m disappointed I never got around to drawing it. There are more issues than days in the week.


This was on the agreement Trump has with Mexico on immigration and tariffs, that he’s lied about. I like the point, not the cartoon.


I got this idea from a comment Amanda made. I forget her comment now, and she can verify that I forget things she says, but I thought doing something on the Women’s World Cup was a great concept. Maybe, I shouldn’t be showing you this one. I may be able to work it in in a few days or the next week. Maybe I’ll tweak it.


I really liked where this was going. Then…Matt Davies did a cartoon that was pretty much the same cartoon. We do that to each other here and there. Atticus Finch, Matt. Atticus Finch.


I didn’t even throw this one at CNN. God it sucks. I think it was the last idea I came up with before they settled on an idea. I gave up on it while drawing. Sometimes, you’ll wonder if an idea will work so you sketch it out and it’s then you discover it doesn’t. Actually, I think the idea can work, but not with me. I can’t do it if I don’t love it. I really hope this image doesn’t come up as the teaser on social media. And yeah, it chose this one.

There’s one more I did that made my editor laugh. I’d love to show it to you, but it’s one of those that will come back. You’ll see it sooner or later.

Creative note: This was blogged from Dunkin Donuts and written while drinking a frozen coffee. It’s 90 degrees outside.


      1. You should see me in coffee houses…tears in eyes, tissue to the nose, and trying not to laugh out loud. I’m pure entertainment for people;)

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