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I submitted several sketches to CNN this week, then the editor came up with “cast changes for the next season of Trump World.” I thought I’d see what I could do with it. And, he liked it. I wasn’t even sure I could do anything with it as he’s thrown out concepts before I couldn’t do much with at all.

After it was done, they asked me on Friday night to make a few changes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home. It was 9:00 PM when he sent the email which I didn’t notice. At 10:00 PM, he texted. I worked on a bit later that evening and in the morning we talked on the phone over the changes. Basically, they were afraid I went to town on making the women ugly. Even Amanda thought I could tone it down a little.

So, if you think they’re not very attractive in this version then you should have seen the other one.

Be Complicit

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  1. How is it possible to make the grotesque any less ugly? It’s nice to know CNN is sensitive to the feelings of the current administration. They certainly wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of these guys over a simple cartoon.

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