Nixon Derangement Syndrome


John Dean, the former White House Counsel for Richard Nixon, testified last week before the House Judiciary Committee about the parallels between the obstruction of Nixon and Donald Trump. Republicans were livid. How dare he compare the corruption and lies of Nixon to the corruption and lies of Trump? What the hell makes John Dean qualified to talk about corruption in the Trump White House?

Who the hell is he? He’s an expert witness on obstruction, that’s who he is. During his tenure, he oversaw FBI interviews with White House employees to keep their stories straight. He plotted with Nixon on the coverup. He was present when Nixon discussed the $1 million hush payment to the Watergate burglarers.

What are the parallels? Nixon asked his chief aide HR Haldeman to have the CIA direct the FBI to halt its investigation into the break-in. Trump asked James Comey to end the Russia investigation.

Nixon fired the Special Prosecutor in a failed attempt to end the Watergate investigation. Trump fired the FBI director in a failed attempt to end the Russia investigation.

Nixon dangled pardons. Trump has and is dangling pardons.

After Dean pled guilty to obstruction, Nixon called him a liar. Trump has called his former White House Counsel, Don McGhan, a liar.

Nixon said, “it’s not illegal if the president does it.” Trump fully believes he’s above the law.

Nixon said, “I am not a crook.” Donald Trump is a crook.

Republicans are sick of Trump being compared to Nixon. But just like they get upset about having their racism pointed out, the reason Trump is compared to Nixon so much is that Trump is repeating Nixon’s corruption.

But, since they don’t like corrupt Trump being compared to corrupt Nixon, let’s point out their differences.

Nixon could read. Nixon hired competent people. Nixon had a dog. Nixon never moved on women “like a bitch.” He never grabbed anyone by the vagina. He never barged into the locker rooms of teenage beauty contestants. He never raw-dogged a porn star. He never openly talked about dating his daughter. He never considered Canadian cheese a threat to our national security.

Nixon was also smart. He knew how the government worked. He appreciated NATO. He understood that Russia was an adversary. Nixon could tell the difference between friends and foes. Nixon couldn’t be easily swayed by flattery, parades, and sword dances. Nixon never tried to hijack a holiday to turn it into a Nixon rally.

Richard Nixon was a horrible person. So is Donald Trump. Perhaps the most horrible people right now are those who continue to defend Trump.

The greatest difference between Nixon and Trump is that Republicans finally decided to hold Nixon accountable. Today’s Republicans have put the cult of Trump before their party and even their nation. They defend treasonous behavior while defending Trump. They will never hold Trump accountable for the security of our nation.

The one thing we can hope for is that eventually they’ll have another thing in common, and that’s being removed from office.

The rough.

This was one of the ideas submitted to CNN for this week’s opinion newsletter. I threw a lot of roughs at them this week and they could only choose one. You’ll notice the list has changed. I’m kinda sad I took the “weird” hair line out. Honestly, I forgot it. I kinda like the positioning of the placard better in the rough.


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  1. If we’re really lucky, he can be added to this list: Abraham Lincoln, James Abram Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy.

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