Who Wants de Blasio?


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New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is considered one of the most boring mayors in NYC history by his constituents. If you’re not inspired and excited over Joe Biden, well here comes de Blasio.

de Blasio is not a fan of the press, which is not unusual considering his “local” press is in New York City. But, he holds a belief that the media is supposed to be his ally and when they report facts he doesn’t like, then they’re misleading or inaccurate. He also likes to boast of accomplishments that are not his and often for those that don’t even exist. Does that sound like another New Yorker you know?

Neal Kwatra, a Democratic operative who has worked with de Blasio since his Council days said, “Early on there was an imperiousness. It continued that way. He sort of sees reporters as almost colleagues and fellow operatives in the game of politics and there’s a little bit of ‘I know better than you.'”

de Blasio, a liberal in a very liberal city, won a second term in 2017, yet his constituents are mocking his presidential run.

Queens Assemblyman and Democrat Ron Kim said, “I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy behind his actions and I think in a place like New York people see right through it.”

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein tweeted, “On the bright side, if DeB gets elected prez, we New Yorkers will lose his undivided attention a year ahead of schedule.”

Tina Fey said, “Me doing stand-up is like Bill de Blasio running for president, except I would figure it out because I’m not the worst.” How about that. Tina Fey and Donald Trump agree on something. After de Blasio’s announcement, Trump, the worst president in the history of any nation you can think of, said de Blasio was a “joke” and the “worst mayor” the city ever had. Some people point out good things that have occurred during his two terms, like crime being at a record low, but nobody really believes that has anything to do with him, which is much like the success of the nation’s economy not having anything to do with Donald Trump.

Many New Yorkers believe there are several issues in their city that need resolving before de Blasio runs for president. There’s not really a good reason for Bill de Blasio to run for president except that Bill de Blasio wants to be president.

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