Republican Sympathy For New Zealand


Shortly after an attack by a white nationalist in New Zealand that killed 50 Muslims in two mosques, Jacinda Ardern, the nation’s Prime Minister announced that within days, her government would introduce new controls on the military-style weapons that the Christchurch shooter used and that are so popular with American mass killers.

She delivered. Thursday, Ardern announced a ban on all military-style semiautomatic and automatic weapons, parts that can be used to turn other rifles into such weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. She said, “It’s about all of us. It’s in the national interest and it’s about safety.” In the U.S., we can’t even put limits on ammunition.

After the attack, she said, “The shooter chose us but we reject him.” Jacinda Ardern is a leader. The United States doesn’t have a leader. We have an ass clown.

Ardern said her nation rejects white nationalism. Donald Trump won’t even acknowledge white nationalism is a problem. Donald Trump defends Nazis. While rejecting the shooter, Ardern also rejected the gun culture that dominates the Republican party in the United States.

The majority of New Zealand’s population and in their parliament are in favor of stricter gun control. The majority of citizens of the U.S. are also in favor of gun control, but the Republican Party, controlled by the National Rifle Association, rejects any measures of gun sense.

It took one mass shooting in New Zealand to create change, and they acted within days. Here in the United States, we had at least 307 mass shootings in 2018 alone, and all we can do is offer thoughts and prayers. New Zealand has put lives over guns. Here in the United States, it’s guns, guns, guns, guns. If you troll social media right now and look at comments from conservatives, you’ll see more outrage and concern over guns than over the victims in New Zealand. Don’t even try to find any of them condemning white supremacists.

Nobody needs an automatic or semi-automatic rifle for home protection. You just don’t. These are weapons designed for one reason and that is to kill, even if most conservative gun owners only use them to overcompensate for their lack of masculinity.

Today, the Muslim call to prayer will be broadcast nationally in New Zealand. Here in the United States, we have a president who demonizes Muslims, proposed surveilling mosques during his campaign, and has enacted a ban on them entering the nation.

Ardern visited a school and told the students, “let New Zealand be a place where there is no tolerance for racism. Ever.” America’s president says there were good people among those in Charlottesville chanting “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us.” Ardern rejects racism while Trump invites it.

New Zealand has a leader. America has an ass clown…a racist ass clown.

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      1. Hermes Fotopoulos, like every goddamn, swastika-waving, white supremacist, gun-toting asshat should leave America and take that despotic 45 with them. I’m sure Russia will let them have all the guns they want…lmao.

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      2. @randumbthought2017 It’s funny, all you do is dehumanize people. LOL You nothing.

        @valeriewagner3 Swastika waving ? I’m pretty sure you’re not American, right wingers hate nazis and no one is like the Hollywood American History X characters. If there are white supremacists here, there are 10,000 times as many ‘La Raza’ and black supremacists.


      3. “LOL You nothing.”

        Oh the agony!!!
        I am Absolutely Crushed by The Biting Wit of this Insult from a Russian Troll Bot!!!
        I Nothing!!! I Nothing!!! I Utterly Destroyed!!!

        BTW, for the benefit of the Real Human Beings who read this, I DON’T dehumanize REAL People, and I CANNOT dehumanize a Russian Troll Bot (which uses English As A Second Language grammar), because IT is already @NotARealHumanBeing anyway.

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  1. “New Zealand has a leader. America has an ass clown…a racist ass clown.”

    “a racist EVIL ass clown”

    There is a commenter on WaPo who uses the handle:
    “Elect A Clown Expect A Circus”

    I have suggested that if he/she gets tired of it, he/she could change it to:
    “Elect An Evil Clown Expect A Horror Movie”

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    1. “he (Trump) might have been sent by God to save Israel from Iran”

      I firmly believe that 45*’s Fundamentalist Evangelical So-Called ‘Christians’ firmly believe and pray that 45* is The AntiChrist sent by The Almighty to bring on Armageddon and The End Of Days, when they will be Taken Up by The Rapture, the Jews in Israel will be annihilated, and the rest of The Non-Believers will go to Hell.

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