The Conway Mood Killer


It’s kind of unusual in the new normal that George Conway is a Republican who is still a Republican and not a member of the Trump cult, as the guy is a fierce critic of Donald Trump. What’s even more unusual is that he’s married to Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to Trump on his payroll.

George has gone after Trump several times in the past, most recently this weekend after Trump conducted a Festivus celebration on Twitter and aired his grievances. George accused Trump of being mentally unbalanced and published symptoms of narcissism disorder, with each one fitting Trump. Kellyanne said she didn’t agree with her husband.

Today, Trump said that George is a loser. Now, Kellyanne has a test of loyalty. While disagreeing with her husband about Trump’s mental state, is she going to disagree with her boss that her husband is a loser?

This is a bonus cartoon so you’re just getting the short blog tonight.

Be Complicit

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Watch the video.


  1. There’s a special place in hell for “Never-Trump” Republicans. They are the worst.

    Trump supporters, well at least I, don’t even think about the guy for the most part…as long as a select few of media personalities are enraged, I don’t need to worry about the Prez.


  2. As thin skinned as President Turmoil is, it’s truly odd that he hasn’t canned Kelly Ann BECAUSE of her husband. (By the By. That bedroom decor has a nice touch !)

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    1. A special place in hell for a person that has the stones to challenge Grump on his pentulant behaviour? Boy, you are guzzling that Kool-Aid man. Talk about the blind sheep that are toeing the party line. No independence, free thought or questioning the Orange Overlord for you I see. Frump loves guys like you.

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      1. Aren’t you tired of making up names for Trump yet? It’s been three years…it’s still not out of your system!


  3. No, I’m not tired of making up and or using already made up names for that orange turd that is crusting up the Anal Orifice. Hell, if he’s not tired of being a petulant cyber bully, I can attempt to sink to his level. The fact is though, I would actually have to work 100 times harder than I already am to do that. I don’t stand a chance. You know who else doesn’t? All of you pathetic trolls who defend him when he is doing and saying things that are so obviously wrong. Once you and your clueless flock work that dumb shit out of your system, maybe I will work the Chump name making stuff out of mine.

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