Running Low On Blood Money


The NRA is claiming they’ve lost tens of millions of dollars due to financial sanctions inflicted upon it by the state of New York.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has placed sanctions on the NRA for their Carry Guard insurance program, which covers legal costs stemming from self-defense shootings. New York says the program is illegal and the Department of Financial Services has also pushed firms not to do business with the NRA. They’re also urging other states to take similar measures against the gun advocacy group.

There’s a lot of skepticism of the NRA’s claim. The organization keeps its finances private as well as their number of members. This could be another fundraising stunt since they’re accusing Cuomo’s actions of being a political vendetta. Perhaps Russian spies have stopped financing the organization.

Instead of financially supporting the NRA in their hour of need, I suggest offers of thoughts and prayers.

Creative notes: This is a bonus cartoon because I might want to take another day off this weekend. It’s also why you’re getting a really short blog.

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  1. Poor NRA. I’m an atheist and I don’t pray, so they’re just getting my thoughts. Quite a few thoughts. Here’s one of my more printable thoughts: how about if you crybabies sell that big HQ building of yours in Fairfax County VA? That ought to fetch a few bucks.

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  2. “Instead of financially supporting the NRA in their hour of need, I suggest offers of thoughts and prayers.”

    I wouldn’t give the NRA the time of day, let alone a thought or a prayer.

    I do, however, THINK a lot about PRAYING for their Immediate and Complete Demise, which, of course, I ALSO THINK about PRAYING for 45* and Friends.

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