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Cancun Cuomo


I’m interested to see if the landscape has shifted since my last cartoon on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and all the brouhaha he’s in over his coverup of counting nursing home deaths. Or better yet, let’s see if liberal perceptions have shifted since Pete Davidson’s impersonation of Cuomo on the last episode of Saturday Night Live (I didn’t know Pete had that in him). What I’m wondering is: Will it be more accepted by liberals to criticize Andrew Cuomo, or more to the point, can I draw Cuomo and not get as much blowback as I did last week?

After a little googling, I saw that SNL isn’t the only one tying the Cuomo scandal with the Cruz scandal. Do you know how you know what you did is bad? When you’re being lumped in with Ted Cruz.

Cuomo has never been the darling of the far left. One of those Sex in the City actresses opposed him from the far left in the last election (I’m sure every guy who was ever forced to watch that show by his woman made sure to vote for her) Sure, liberal Democrats like the guy but he’s always been subject to criticism within his own party. He’s long had a reputation for being a rough guy. When a New York state Democratic legislator claimed Cuomo threatened him over the phone, saying the governor said he “hadn’t seen his wrath and that he can destroy me,” a lot of Democrats said, “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim criticized Cuomo over a pause in the release of data on coronavirus deaths in state nursing homes. Kim says Cuomo had never spoken to him before in his life until he called and demanded that he help with the coverup. He criticizes how the job is being done, then the guy doing the job calls and tries to bully the guy doing the criticizing into helping coverup the facts. Them some big apples right there. That’s never good. New York City Mayor and fellow Democrat, Bill DeBlasio said with Cuomo, “The bullying is nothing new.” But unless a recording comes out, this shall remain a case of he said-bully governor said.

My last cartoon on this scandal was posted at GoComics on February 17. It didn’t get a lot of love on social media platforms either but GoComics is the place for me to see the most comments on my cartoons. Admittedly, a lot of times it’s an echo chamber. Not for my last Cuomo cartoon. On the 17th, my Cuomo cartoon received 51 comments which is an average day for me with comments, but what was unique was how many were unhappy I took on Cuomo. When I say “unhappy,” I mean pissed.

There was some, “What’s wrong with Clay?” Someone wrote, “Clay Clay is Cray Cray.” Someone jumped on me for criticizing without offering a solution. There was a lot of whatabout in comparing Cuomo to Trump. And there was even an accusation that I had “drank the Kool-Aid.”

Here’s the thing, kids: If you think a politician who miscounted deaths, engaged in coverups, and has been accused of making threats to help with the coverup should not be criticized or questioned, then I’m not the one who drank the Kool-Aid.

Offer solutions? Did you demand I offer solutions when I went after Trump over the past four years? Why are the standards different when I go after Democrats than when I go after Republicans? It’s like when a Republican says I’m “biased” and posts dozens of right-wing cartoons. And I do have a solution to Cuomo’s coverup and threatening people. Don’t engage in coverups or threaten people!

“Cray cray?” I hate that term more than I hate “anywho.” Anywho, who the fuck are you to say I went cray cray? I have always been like this and sure, maybe a major university should be studying it, but it’s nothing new.

As for the whatabout: Stop it. Stop that right there. Kill it dead in its tracks. Nip it in the bud. Why? Because you are NOT a Republican. I spent the past four years and then some tearing Donald Trump apart. I spent the past year and then some exposing his failure handling the pandemic. I did cartoons on “anyone who needs a test, gets a test,” to “like a miracle, one day it’ll disappear,” to him “downplaying it,” to his suggestion that everyone drink “bleach.” I also went after conservatives for lying about the numbers of people who died from the virus. Now, when a Democrat has done the exact same thing, I’m supposed to lay off?

I am not Ben Garrison. I am not either of the McCoys, Thing One or Thing Two. I’m not Gary Varvel. I’m not Michael Ramirez. I’m not Mike Lester. I am not…what’s his name again? I.P Freely Branco? Anyway…Who are those guys? Those are a bunch of cartoonists you can rely on to only criticize one side. Unlike those dudes, this dude is not in a cult and this dude does his job. And I even like Andrew Cuomo.

I am a liberal political cartoonist but that doesn’t mean anyone gets a free pass…even people I like and even people I voted for (though I didn’t vote for Cuomo because I don’t live in New York). In fact, I should hold liberals to a higher standard. And quite frankly, you should hold yourself to a higher standard. Let the other side whatabout. You are supposed to be better than that.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a better human being than Donald Trump and did handle the pandemic a lot better than the former and now-disgraced president (sic) did. But is that the bar we now hold politicians to? Speaking of higher standards, let’s have some. Just better than Trump is not the standard we should accept. We shouldn’t look at an issue and say, “Well, he made a boneheaded move that led to the deaths of over 10,000 people, he lost count of them, tried to cover it up, and gooned some people to help him cover it up…but it’s still better than Trump.” Really? And sure, that is still better than Trump, but really?

And when Cuomo does this, I’ll go after him. If President Joe Biden or Vice-President Kamala Harris does this, I’ll go after them. If your mom does this, I will go after her too, and then I’ll have her bake me an apple pie and I’ll eat it in the racecar bed in the bedroom you grew up in.

If you have a problem with me taking down the people who need to be taken down, then you have the wrong cartoonist. Now, what’s your mom’s address?

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Oh No, Cuomo


Yesterday, a got an email from an editor in Georgia telling me since there are so many liberal cartoonists, that I should stop drawing liberal cartoons and start drawing conservative ones. This cartoon is not a response to that because I have a bit of integrity. As CNN’s Jake Tapper said regarding this story, “indecent behavior is indecent behavior, regardless of party.”

This may come as a huge shock to you since I am such a left-wing liberal, but I’m not tribal. I’m not partisan. I’m not a member of the Democratic Party. Corruption from Democrats is just as bad as corruption from Republicans.

If I was a conservative cartoonist, I would be jumping all over this while claiming the death rates from the coronavirus are all made up, except in New York, and that Donald Trump shouldn’t be blamed for anything in handling the pandemic. But I’m not a conservative cartoonist. I try to apply the same standards to both parties. If you’re a conservative cartoonist and you’re jumping on Cuomo but ignoring the failures of Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, you suck as a cartoonist.

I like the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. He receives a lot of criticism from liberals but I’ve always respected how outspoken and forward he’s come across. During the pandemic, he seemed to be the one political leader delivering straight information, not just to his New York constituents, but to the entire nation. Even though it seemed he made some bad calls regarding nursing homes in his state, he was still coming across as a politician taking the pandemic seriously while the president (sic) was talking about TV ratings and ingesting bleach.

In the early days of the pandemic, Governor Cuomo made a decision to send nursing home patients who had tested positive with the virus back to their nursing homes, in order to make much needed space in hospitals. It was an extremely bad call. More than 9,000 who tested positive were sent back. Over 10,000, many likely infected by the returning patients, died. The Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, said in a report last month that the true total is thousands higher. And now, we have found out there was an ongoing coverup in place.

Melissa DeRosa, one of the governor’s top aides, told Democratic lawmakers in the state that the Cuomo administration rebuffed requests from the Justice Department and state legislature for updated figures for deaths in nursing homes because of fear of a potential federal investigation. She said the administration “froze” when initially asked by state legislators back in August about the issue.

As it turns out, the administration undercounted deaths, possibly by 50%. There are calls in the state, and from Democrats who control the state legislature, to strip Governor Cuomo of his emergency powers that were given to him at the start of this pandemic. It gets worse. There are calls for Cuomo’s impeachment.

I can understand the Cuomo administration not wanting to give the Trump Justice Department anything that would have them investigated by corrupt people, in addition to being politicized by Donald Trump. Who wants to help with that? But you can’t hide deaths. Cuomo did exactly what Donald Trump did, which was undercount deaths. It’s bad when Trump does it. It’s just as bad as when Cuomo does it.

You cannot hide information, especially regarding deaths, because it looks bad on you, or you’ll get in trouble, or it’ll hurt you politically. Mistakes are one thing, coverups are entirely worse.

There needs to be an investigation of this, especially now that Donald Trump doesn’t control the Justice Department. The Biden administration should give this just as much attention as it would if it was a Republican governor.

I feel kinda bad because my last cartoon also contained a cemetery. That one, criticizing Republicans for letting Donald Trump off the hook, has been shared over 1,800 times on Facebook. This cartoon has been on Facebook for over 40 minutes and it’s received zero shares. We can’t always be partisan and tribal. We need to be responsible. Criticizing Andrew Cuomo over this proves we were being serious the last four years when we were criticizing Donald Trump.

Democratic corruption is just as bad as Republican corruption…even if it doesn’t happen as much.

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Cuomo Vs. Trump


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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been criticized throughout his political career for being blunt and too direct. During a pandemic, that’s an asset.

Cuomo’s daily press conferences are carried live by CNN. You don’t have to be a citizen of New York to find his briefings helpful and informative. What he’s laying out is important to everyone in the nation. Andrew Cuomo is the right man for the job at this time. Then there’s Donald Trump who is the wrong man at the wrong time.

Donald Trump has always been the wrong man. He shouldn’t be president and he’s only in the White House because all the stars aligned in all the wrong places at all the wrong moments. It’s sucked to watch him disparage the office with his actions and behavior. It’s been painful watching him make lifetime appointments to courts with fucknuts, racists, troglodytes, and rapists. It’s been embarrassing watching a president tweet at Saturday Night Live, Meryl Streep, and Gold Star families over petty issues. It’s disgraceful to watch him attack allies while praising dictators. It’s been humiliating for a nation to watch a president open his mouth and confirm his stupidity, ignorance, sexism, and rank racism to the entire world. Now, his fawning over himself and protecting his petty ego is killing people.

While the nation needs to watch Andrew Cuomo’s daily press conferences, it should ignore Donald Trump’s. At one of these conferences, Trump yelled at a reporter for asking if he had a message to Americans who are afraid. At another, he heckled a reporter for Bloomberg News over Michael Bloomberg’s failed presidential campaign. He asked how Bloomberg was doing. I think it would have been worth that journalist losing his White House credentials by replying, “He’s still richer than you.” It doesn’t bother Trump that people are dying, but it bothers him that Bloomberg, or anyone else, is richer than he is.

Donald Trump has lied, downplayed, and been in denial over the pandemic. Today, he boasted about the ratings of his press conferences. He shouldn’t be looking at his ratings numbers. He should be looking at the number of deaths.

Soon, the United States will have more deaths from this “Chinese” virus than China. In case you’re a Republican, you already know the coronavirus originated in China because Donald Trump has called it the “Chinese virus.” Being racist yourself, you’ve joined in and have also called it the “Wuhan Virus” and “Kung Flu.” What you probably didn’t know is that China has more people than the United States. We shouldn’t have more deaths from this virus than China.

Andrew Cuomo has taken responsibility. Donald Trump has stated he refuses to take any responsibility. Donald Trump wants everyone to thank him for his job performance with the coronavirus.  For every single death in the United States, Donald Trump is responsible. We can thank him for that.

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Running Low On Blood Money


The NRA is claiming they’ve lost tens of millions of dollars due to financial sanctions inflicted upon it by the state of New York.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has placed sanctions on the NRA for their Carry Guard insurance program, which covers legal costs stemming from self-defense shootings. New York says the program is illegal and the Department of Financial Services has also pushed firms not to do business with the NRA. They’re also urging other states to take similar measures against the gun advocacy group.

There’s a lot of skepticism of the NRA’s claim. The organization keeps its finances private as well as their number of members. This could be another fundraising stunt since they’re accusing Cuomo’s actions of being a political vendetta. Perhaps Russian spies have stopped financing the organization.

Instead of financially supporting the NRA in their hour of need, I suggest offers of thoughts and prayers.

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