Witch Hunt


Donald Trump says the Special Counsel’s investigation into his collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice is “the single greatest witch hunt in American history.” The problem with this argument is that it’s turning up a lot of witches.

What else would you expect from an investigation into a person like Donald Trump who ran a family business like a third-rate mafia? He has spent his entire career associating with witches and warlocks who are extremely bad at hiding the fact they’re witches and warlocks.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels who Trump’s lawyer paid to keep quiet that she slept with Trump, expressed shock at the ineptness of the president’s lawyer. Talking to Nicole Wallace on the 11th Hour on MSNBC Tuesday night, he discussed his amazement that Trump got so far ahead in business and public stature while hiring people as stupid as his lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The Russia investigation has been described as Watergate, but with stupid people. The main target is the biggest dumbass of them all.

Mueller’s witch hunt has led to charges against 19 people, five of whom have pled guilty to at least one criminal count. That’s a lot of witches. And the people at the top of the witch hunt, who Trump is blaming are all Republicans.

The Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who recused himself isn’t just a Republican. He supported and campaigned for Trump. The Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, is a Republican. Andrew McCabe, who Trump fired days before his retirement from the FBI so he couldn’t collect his pension, is a lifelong Republican. Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General overseeing the Special Counsel and who Trump is threatening to fire, is a Republican Trump appointed. Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York which is leading the investigation into Trump’s stupid lawyer, is a Republican, appointed by Trump, who Trump personally interviewed.

It’s really hard to claim they’re out to get you when they’re from your side. What do you expect them to do when everything about you is sketchy?

Trump’s business is connected to Russian oligarchs. His buildings have been used for money laundering by these oligarchs. He ran a scam university. He has a scam charity. Half of his appointments are engaging in corrupt practices from Jared selling access to his EPA chief literally sleeping in a lobbyist’s bed.

There is a better chance of Stormy producing a sex tape of Trump killing porn star ass than there is of Mueller not finding anything on Trump.  Frankly, I’m shocked Cohen wasn’t paying porn stars to say they slept with Trump and that it was amazing.

Soon, I expect federal penitentiaries to contain more witches than Trump Towers.

Here’s the video.

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  1. I’m trying to find the subtle clue in this cartoon. Hmm… could it be that the witch only has one boob? Or that there’s a weird symbol I don’t know above her booty? Orrrrr… something in the tie?

    Darn. I’m 1 for 2 now! LOL 😉

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