Trump Trade War

cjones04092018I watched Anderson Cooper interview Roger Stone last night on CNN, and Stone said that Trump is his own wordsmith. Are you kidding me? Trump can’t even spell “Smith.”

Someone commented on this blog earlier this week and took issue with the first sentence where I wrote about Trump’s stupidity. The reader leaving the comment said I’d probably have more readers if I didn’t start my columns with such a biased statement. That person might want to stop reading today’s entry right now.

Donald Trump is stupid. I don’t think it’s biased to believe he’s stupid. The man doesn’t know the difference between vocational schools and community colleges. He believes there are invisible airplanes. I’m still amazed people can support him, as being dumb is just a part of his collection of horrible traits. When you add corruption, treason, nepotism, lies, self-obsession, thin skin, immaturity, bad taste, and racism, the stupidity just compounds the danger our nation is in. And then, you have the illiteracy.

Donald Trump cannot read. OK, that’s not fair. He can read, but it’s at a third or fourth grade level. We decided to take the issues of national security, the economy, trade, Russia, North Korea, immigration, and hand it off to be solved by a guy who can’t read.

Sycophants support this. They support just about every dumb thing Trump does, and they make excuses for it, lie about it, or rejoice in it. Now, they can excuse, lie, or rejoice in the fact that many of them will be the hardest hit by Trump’s trade war with China.

In retaliation for Trump’s increased tariffs on that nation, China has imposed large sanctions on American products and agriculture. The bulk of these tariffs hit red Trump country. Trump has always complained that China’s leaders were smarter than ours. Well, they are now.

Trump is right that the disparity in trade between us and China is an issue, but he’s not the first politician to notice this. It can’t be dealt with as a challenge to his ego. He claims we’re not in a trade war, while he raises, tariffs, China retaliates by raising tariffs on us, and then he talks about raising them even more. Have you seen the stock market this week?

Trump’s policies are creating a trickle-down that’s going to trickle on all of us. But, it’s not going to be the good kind of trickle. It’ll be more like the kind Trump paid prostitutes for in a Moscow hotel room.

Nobody wins a trade war. Unfortunately, we have a president too stupid to understand that.

Here’s the video.

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  1. This is spot on. Just one thing, and it’s only because I like your work so much. When I first looked at the cartoon, just for a split second, I was surprised that you appeared to have Trump stammering. Of course, I quickly realized that he’s not stammering, he’s having a problem reading. I have a son who has a small problem with stammering, so I am sensitive to it. Just wanted to mention this in case you hear about it from anyone else.


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      1. Don’t let it bother you. Like I said, I’m sensitive that subject. We all know Trump doesn’t read, and I should have realized right off that was what it was about. I really enjoyed the cartoon and I’m sure everyone else did too.

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    1. My first impression was NOT stuttering, but that for some unknown reason 45* was on the verge of crying… you know, chin quivering and all that. Since that didn’t make any sense, I figured out that 45* was trying to read the fortune (clever Chinese Tie-In), which I did not initially notice. Maybe I need new glasses.

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  2. I read somewhere someone calling the election of 2016 a “freak election”.
    The electoral college, set up by the Founding Fathers to protect this great country from people like trump, failed us.
    The Republicans rigged the electoral college so that although Hillary Clinton won by over three million…THREE MILLION votes, trump was still inserted as the “winner”.
    If the Democrats really cared about this country they would have set up an independent investigation into just how and why that happened.

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    1. “The electoral college, set up by the Founding Fathers to protect this great country from people like trump, failed us.”

      Absolutely Right!
      The E. C. was Compromised when the States (and/or Parties) were (Unconstitutionally) Allowed to Force their Electors to Blindly Rubber-Stamp the Popular Vote. Even worse, most States are Winner-Take-All, something that is also not specified in the Constitution. A few States almost got it right by Allocating Electors Proportional to the Popular Vote, but even that Incorrectly Imposes Controls on their Electors that are Not Specified or Intended in the Constitution.
      Also, unfortunately, most of the Electors were Party Hacks who either did not understand, or chose to ignore, the Constitutional Purpose Of their Duties, and instead just elected their Party’s Candidate.
      The Constitution Intended that the Electors were Supposed To Be Independent Thinkers, Dedicated Solely To Achieving The Best Outcome For The Nation, who would strongly consider the Popular Vote, but would never-the-less NOT Allow The Popular Vote To Elect a Person that Posed A Danger To The Nation.
      Unfortunately, (I believe) the Constutionality Of this Corruption Of The Electoral College was never challenged in the SCOTUS, otherwise we might not be in the Sorry Mess that we are in Today.

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  3. I decided years ago when watching about two minutes of “The Apprentice” – all I could take – that Trump enjoyed being a bully entirely too much. I reserved judgment on his ability to think things through rationally, though, until he announced that he didn’t need daily briefings from the intelligence community because he already knew more than they did about it.
    Instant facepalm from me: “Way to go, Trump! You’ve just guaranteed they won’t feel very friendly or want to cooperate with you any more than they have to to maintain their professional standards…. The man thinks he’s a master manipulator?”
    And that’s an example of how a massively insecure ego can drive down one’s intellectual functioning, kids. I’ve wondered several times since then if he even realized that “intelligence” has more than one meaning.

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  4. “Trump’s policies are creating a trickle-down that’s going to trickle on all of us. But, it’s not going to be the good kind of trickle.”

    I’m guessing that “good kind of trickle” is referring to Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics” (which G. H. W. Bush correctly called “Voo-Doo Economics”), the benefits of which are somewhere between Insignificant to Non-Existent.
    Essentially, there is no such thing as a “good kind of trickle”, only the bad kind.

    Piss Flows Downhill, and Shit Rolls Downhill.

    This applies to the So-Called Benefits Of Any GOP Policies and Legislation.


  5. I was a child that stuttered; on rare occasions if you are aware you can pick it up. Screw every goddamn thing that hurts or humiliates us, you grow intelligence or tough skin or remain a whiny ass 45 that just wants to hit everyone that gets in your way because they hurt your feelings or get in your way. Few of us get darling, unscathed lives. You want fair, be artistic. Say something that way, or sit in the dark.

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