Patriot Meets Costa Rica Customs


This cartoon ran Wednesday, March 28 in The Costa Rica Star.

New England Patriots safety Duron Harmon recently had a very short stay in Costa Rica. The football star who led New England with four interceptions in 2017 was intercepted in customs with about 58 grams of marijuana found inside a can of iced tea, three pipes with cannabis oil, a THC candy, and four glass containers with compressed marijuana that weighed 4.3 grams. Who smuggles marijuana INTO Central America?

Marijuana is not legal in Costa Rica but it’s not a crime that’s heavily prosecuted or pursued. I would think one wouldn’t need to sneak weed on a flight and risk getting caught. Weed is everywhere. If you’re in a new place, like Costa Rica, just ask someone who works at the hotel. Better yet, ask a hooker. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica.

Harmon wasn’t arrested. Instead, he was sent back immediately to the United States on a flight to Florida. No word yet on punishment from the NFL or the Patriots.

You can visit the Star’s site to see this week’s toon on Fabricio Alvarado’s election loss.

Here’s the video for this cartoon.

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