Syrian Chemical Attack


There is not an issue Donald Trump has talked about where he hasn’t expressed opposing viewpoints.

He criticized President Obama for talking about pulling troops out of Iraq, though that was a decision made by the Bush administration. Last week, he expressed his desire to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, thus leaving that nation to the will of Syria’s dictator, Russia, and Iran. He apparently didn’t consult with the Pentagon before voicing this plan. He also froze $200 million to help recovery efforts in Syria.

A few days later, the Syrian military stages a chemical attack on the city of Douma, held by rebel forces fighting the Bashar Assad Regime.

A year ago, Trump bombed a Syrian runway after that nation staged a chemical attack against their citizens. He warned Putin the attack was coming, thus warning Assad. Obviously, it didn’t deter them.

The Russians say claims of the attack are a hoax and a provocation. A missile strike has been conducted against a Syrian airbase used by Iran, and the Russians are blaming Israel. Somehow, Donald Trump has made an already horrible situation even worse.

Senator John McCain says Trump’s talks of pulling out U.S. troops emboldened Assad and Russia. He’s right. Donald Trump isn’t just dangerous for the United States, but people worldwide.

When Donald Trump talks, stock markets crash, internet trolls get dumber, dictators become emboldened, and people die.

Here’s the video.

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