Rolling The DACA Kids


Leave it to me to draw an Easter cartoon the day after Easter.

Usually, I kinda feel sorry for the president having to pose with whoever is inside the Easter Bunny costume. It seems undignified and kinda humiliating. But for the past two Easters, I’ve felt bad for the bunny.

Leave it to Republicans not to get the irony of Trump sitting at a table with children while he talks about deporting young people who were brought here when they were children, by no fault of their own. In typical Trump fashion, he blames Democrats while he’s the one who has put their status in jeopardy. As usual, Trump lies.

This is a bonus cartoon, so I’m not going to write a long blog post for this. I need to rest before I draw my next cartoon in a few hours.

Here’s the video.

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  1. And the photo of Trump standing in front of the WH, talking about the economy and the military to a bunch of kids, while standing beside a rabbit who looks absolutely stunned, is PRICELESS!!


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