March For Our Lives


Over 500,000 people, mostly high school students, are expected to march on the Capitol today, and in over 800 other locations around the world to protest gun violence.

This movement began after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida after a former student killed 17 with an AR-15 assault rifle. It’s led by students who are scaring the daylights out of the NRA and Republicans in Congress, state legislatures, and governors’ mansions. Donald Trump and the majority of Republicans in Congress have made sure they’ll be out of town during tomorrow’s march.

Since Republicans and gun nuts can’t counter the students’ campaign with logic or facts, they’ve taken attempts to delegitimize the students. They’ve accused them of being actors who are being manipulated by Democrats. Some say they should focus on their school work and not discuss topics that are best left to adults. Basically, they’re arguing that students shouldn’t express an opinion after surviving an assault by a shooter who acquired his weapon with support by the NRA.

After every shooting, we’re told it’s too soon to talk about gun control. Not this time. We’re talking about it and we’re not going to stop. Republicans and the NRA can’t wash the blood off their hands, continue to collect blood money, and hope to be reelected time and time again.

This is a march to save lives. It’s a march saying “enough is enough” and “never again.”

Trump may be in Florida on a golf course Saturday sweating what Stormy Daniels is going to say on 60 Minutes Sunday night, but hopefully, he’ll hear the students all the way from Washington, D.C. The rest of the GOP and the NRA will hear them too.

Here’s the video.

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  1. Are you all watching? They have specific policy changes in mind, and carefully considered, honest and legitimate strategies to overcome politicians’ inertia. It may take some time but a lot of people are going to support them, including me. This change is horribly overdue. I can’t believe the Second Amendment was ever intended to foster mass murder.

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  2. “The rest of the GOP and the NRA will hear them too.”

    I expect most of them will spend the weekend with their fingers in their ears shouting “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA”, but it ain’t gonna work this time.

    I bet most of them will have their thumbs up their butts at the same time; not as hard as it sounds since their heads are already up their butts.

    They might Hear, but they ain’t gonna LISTEN!!

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    1. Every time I see 45 and his ‘thumbs up’ move, I think of him with those same thumbs up his ass just before he tweets; my stomach churns.

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  3. Another encouraging thought:
    I bet most, if not nearly all, of these kids pay No Attention to Fox News, Breitbart, Limbaugh, Drudge, Alex Jones/Infowars, Daily Stormer, National Enquirer, and the rest of the Dark Web, Anti-Democracy, Criminally Insane, Looney Bin Media.
    Followers of 45* and Friends, GOP, NRA, The Top 1% Oligarchs, and the previously named Traitorous Media will die off over the next few decades, to be replaced by the younger enlightened generations.
    I may not live to see it, but I have increasing hope that my children and grandchildren will.

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