Best People Or Putin’s People?


During one of the presidential debates, Hillary Clinton remarked that Donald Trump is Putin’s Puppet. Trump, the master of witty, incisive, searing comebacks that cut to the core which no one has ever rebounded from replied, “No, you’re the puppet. You’re the puppet”

From the day Trump was elected, he’s spent his time not blaming Russia for meddling in our election. He’s cast blame elsewhere, and when he finally did finally acknowledge (last week) that Russia meddled in our election, he said other people messed with it too and blamed Obama for “allowing” it to happen. That’s kinda like the scene on Step Brothers, where the two dumb guys build their own bunk beds, and when it collapses on top of one of them, they blame their father for allowing them to build it. This entire thing is collapsing around Trump.

Trump has not criticized Putin once and even said Putin denies it and the Russian leader believes he’s innocent. Even though Trump says Russia did meddle, he says it didn’t have an impact on our election. Of course, he also spent over a year refusing to believe Russia meddled. People purchase advertising because they believe it works. Russia put a lot of money into our election because they believed it would work. It worked. They got their puppet and it’s not Hillary Clinton.

The director of the National Security Agency says Trump has not authorized him to take measures to prevent Russia’s tampering in the 2018 election. In late 2016, the Obama administration granted $120 million to combat Russian meddling. To date, it has spent $0. Out of the 23 analysts who work in the department’s Global Engagement Center, not one of them speaks Russian. A hiring freeze has hindered the department from hiring computer experts to track Russia’s cyber warfare.

I wouldn’t worry about any of that because Trump says we should just use paper ballots. The man also had the advanced idea of ending school shootings by placing a rating system on our movies.

Some might suggest that Trump and Republicans not only care if Russia gets involved in our elections again but that they actually want them to.

During the campaign, Trump asked Russia to meddle, had an associate communicate with Wikileaks, and his son and campaign manager hosted Russians in their campaign headquarters who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Now, word comes from another dossier by former MI6 agent Michael Steele, that Russia communicated with Trump through back channels that they didn’t approve of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, and it wasn’t because Putin’s afraid of magic underwear. Trump ended up hiring Rex Tillerson, a man Vladimir Putin pinned Russia’s Order of Friendship Medal on.

Gary Cohn resigned yesterday as Trump’s top economic adviser. He almost left after Trump praised Nazis, but found it more difficult to stomach Trump’s new tariff policy than Nazis.

Trump says he likes conflict in his administration and people will come and go. More people have come and gone in Trump’s administration than in another other president’s by this point. He’s not worried about vacancies because everyone “wants a piece of that Oval Office.” I just hope he’s not confusing the Oval Office with Stormy Daniels, who is now suing him, by the way.

Over the past few weeks, Trump lost wife-beater Rob Porter, the White House Secretary. The White House Communications team sent out a defense of Porter, which was written by Porter’s girlfriend, Hope Hicks. Hope Hicks resigned last week, the day after testifying before Congress that she has told “little white lies” for Trump.

Yesterday, the Office of Special Counsel (not Robert Mueller’s office), said White House Counselor, Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act by endorsing Roy Moore in two TV interviews. Public employees are prohibited from getting involved in politics. Conway once used her position to pimp Ivanka’s clothing line, gave us “alternative facts,” warned all of us that microwave ovens were spying on us, and has chosen to break the law and her oath of office to endorse a pedophile. The White House’s official response to this was, “nuh-uh.”

Trump has also surrounded himself in the past with people working as agents for Russia, and he made one of them his National Security Adviser. The man who replaced him, H.R. McMaster, is reportedly about to leave himself.

Trump’s HUD Secretary Ben Carson spent over $30,000 of taxpayer money on a dining room set. Five cabinet members, Ryan Zinke, Steve Mnuchin, Scott Pruitt, David Shulkin, and Tom Price has gone crazy with luxury private flights for trips home and honeymoons. Pruitt claimed he needed private travel because once, a fellow passenger told him he sucked. Pruitt also spent $25,000 on a sound-proof booth so people wouldn’t spy on him…and tell him he sucks.

Trump is not hiring the best people. I’m also starting to believe Putin didn’t just select our Secretary of State, but the entire damned cabinet.

Watch me draw Carrot Top.

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  1. “I’m also starting to believe Putin didn’t just select our Secretary of State, but the entire damned cabinet.”

    I’m already convinced that Putin selected the Entire GOP Leadership, especially McC and Ryan.


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