Nunberg Meltdown


Yesterday, we got a full dose of a prime example of the best people Donald Trump hires.

I woke up to Sam Nunberg talking to Katy Tur on MSNBC. I thought to myself, is this being taken seriously? Then, I found out it wasn’t his first appearance on MSNBC or with Tur, as he had done a phone interview earlier in the day. He also appeared on CNN, MSNBC again, and then CNN again. I might be missing someone, but he was interviewed by Tur and Ari Melber on MSNBC, and Jake Tapper and Erin Burnett on CNN. Burnett asked him if he had been drinking after she said she smelled alcohol on his breath.

Nunberg is a guy who has shaky credibility. He was very unstable yesterday, and the first signs of an unstable person are their taking a job for Donald Trump and stating that Roger Stone is their mentor. That’s close to put them in the truck crazy.

I was trying to decide if Nunberg was worthy of a cartoon. Sometimes the issue the media is focused on isn’t the real issue, but the fact the media is spending so much time on it is the issue.

I walked to the store yesterday and my friend Karen wanted to go with me. On the way, she brought it up. She said her brother was emailing her about this news story on this Trump guy losing his mind on all the networks. When I got home, I had more than one message from a reader saying they were looking forward to my cartoon on Nunberg. That’s a little pressure but sometimes I ignore that sort. But it was kinda clear that I should probably draw on Nunberg. Including the tariff issue was a way to return to an issue I wanted to hit.

Nunberg claims he gave Trump the ideas for the border wall and the Muslim ban. It’s no wonder that Nunberg was fired after it was discovered he had sent racist emails.  The only ideas he gave Trump were the racist ones. Come to think of it, there wouldn’t be much of a difference if Nunberg was prez.

The real craziness is that Nunberg was defending Robert Mueller last week. He gave an interview to the Special Counsel’s team, and then went to the media to state it wasn’t a witch hunt and that the taxpayer’s money was being spent wisely. On Monday, he was calling it a witch hunt while wigging out after receiving a subpoena to testify before a grand jury.

Nunberg was vowing not to comply with a subpoena, even if it would send him to prison. The dumbest part of this is he could comply and then exercise his Fifth Amendment rights. The sticky part for him is that he did not want to produce emails between him and Roger Stone, saying he felt Mueller was after Stone, and he didn’t want to help send “his dad” to prison. He even said he was willing to go to prison over the issue, didn’t believe Mueller would actually do that but would laugh if he did. I will laugh too, Sammy.

And then, later in the evening he backtracked and said he would cooperate with Mueller. So, thanks for wasting everyone’s time, Sammy.

During the day, Nunberg said Mueller probably has something on Trump, that Trump knew about the meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, and that Mueller was interested in Trump’s business dealings. All that is probably true, but not because Nunberg says so. It’s just logical.

Every media personality had a theory on Nunberg, so I have one too. I don’t believe he’s trying to protect Roger Stone. He’s protecting himself from embarrassing emails. Can you imagine how many black jokes are probably in two years worth of emails between two Trump guys?

Mueller will need a shower after reading them.

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  1. I misspent some of my wayward youth in the pursuit of the sport of Hang-Gliding (also known as the pre-trials for the competition for the Darwin Awards). One of the quaint terms of Hang-Gliding Slang was “Wind Dummy” – the first vict… er… person (usually the most experienced flyer) to take off at the site that day. The “Wind Dummy” would discover First-Hand, and the rest of us would SAFELY discover Second-Hand (by watching), the fickle winds that would slam him into a tree or the side of a cliff.
    It appears that Sam Nunberg has volunteered to be The “Wind Dummy” For 45* and Friends.

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