Not So Kushy


I’m a little distressed because now there will never be peace in the Middle East since Jared Kushner is off the case.

Chief of Staff John Kelly placed a last-Friday deadline for White House staffers to acquire permanent security clearances. Jared missed the deadline, and he probably will not ever get a real security clearance unless Trump just gifts him one.

If Trump goes over Kelly’s head and grants a waiver to Kushy, that will totally undermine the General’s authority. It will also send a very clear message to the rest of the staff that Jared and Ivanka are privileged, which we already know they are. But, I don’t think Trump’s going to do that. I believe he left it to Kelly to kinda force Jared out of the White House. Trump really doesn’t like to fire people, especially a guy married to his daughter. He probably wants him to quit on his own, like Hope Hicks.

Hicks, the White House Communications Director, came into the job with the great experience of being a former model and a representative of Ivanka’s line of clothing. I suppose being a spokesperson for the spring line of handbags is the same as directing communications for the executive branch of the United States government.

Hicks quit the day after she testified before Congress, where she refused to answer any questions regarding her time in the White House and said that she has told “little white lies” for the president. There’s another word for “little white lies,” and that word is “lies.” Hicks claims there’s no relation between her testimony and resignation. I’m sure the likelihood of going to prison isn’t a factor either.

Jared will never receive a security clearance because his initial application was chock-full of little white lies, as was his second, and third, etc.

Another reason he won’t receive a clearance is that he is compromised by his business relationships. Jared has not divested himself of his business, and he has a history of receiving sketchy loans from foreign companies and governments, like Russia. Who does he think he is, the president?

Now it has come to light that Jared has received at least two loans from people he had meetings within the White House.

Apollo Global Management met with Jared several times in the White House. Later, the company lent Jared’s company $184 million to refinance the mortgage on a Chicago skyscraper. The loan is triple the size of the average loan the company makes.

Jared also entertained the chief executive of Citigroup, who later loaned his company $325 million to help finance a group of office buildings in Brooklyn.

Investigative reporters had to uncover these meetings as the Trump White House does not publish records of visits like the Obama administration did.

Jared also has business dealings with Israel, which is very convenient for that government since Jared was in charge of our Mideast policy. Jared has also sought investments from China and Qatar.

In fact, another reason he will never get a security clearance is that at least four countries had discussed how to use Kushner’s inexperience, financial troubles, and sketchy business dealings to manipulate him. Some foreign diplomats have requested to deal with Kushner and complained when they got someone else. It’s like getting upset at a blackjack table when they switch dealers after you’ve been on a roll. Hey, bring back the dumb guy.

Jared also met with Russian bankers during the transition period, and his sister has used his name while seeking investments in China.

It’s been said by prognosticators that the demotion in security is a humiliating blow to Jared. But how humiliating can it really be when you already work for Trump? It’s not like the guy ever had credibility. If you want to see humiliation, go talk to Jeff Sessions.

I don’t know which will bother Kushy more, the humiliation, the thought of going to prison or having his thumbs broken by Qatari henchmen.

I vaguely recall that during the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump and Republicans were telling us we can’t trust Hillary Clinton because her charity took money from foreign governments. They also cited the U.S. government’s approval of the sale of uranium to a Russian company, which they wrongly claim Hillary personally approved. There are still conspiracy theories over the uranium deal.

So, when can we expect Republicans to start complaining about Jared’s pay-for-play? Any minute now? I’m not going to hold my breath. The good news is, Robert Mueller is now questioning the pay-for-play.

There are still questions about Ivanka’s security clearance. What’s the status on that? Hopefully, at today’s press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders can enlighten us.

Jared is unable to do his job without a security clearance. CNN noted that the White House calligrapher has a higher security clearance than Jared. Jared is not qualified to take notes in the White House.

Jared not being able to do his job is not a new development. The man was never qualified to be in the White House, and he and Ivanka should never have been hired. There are reasons we have nepotism laws….that the Trump administration and Congress ignore.  Robert Mueller’s not ignoring them, and he is now asking questions about Jared’s business dealings.

The only reason Jared wanted to work in the White House was to help his company. He’s in financial straits and the White House was a great way to seek investments. He’s running out of options. Does anyone actually believe these goons wanted to work in government to serve others?

My not-so-bold prediction is that Jared and Ivanka are going to quit. They’ll cite other reasons, but they’re quitting…if they’re not thrown in prison first.

Come back later for the video.

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