Gun Grabbin’ President


That giant thud sound you heard yesterday was every NRA members’ jaw dropping and hitting the floor after Trump’s comments during a meeting on guns.

Trump entertained lawmakers for a discussion on gun safety. Trump said he wants to raise the age limit of buying an assault rifle from 18 to 21. The NRA and Republicans don’t like this idea.

What was even more shocking was when he said the government should take guns away from those deemed dangerous, and worry about due process later. That will really freak them out.

For years the NRA and Republicans perpetuated this giant theory, and ran on it, that Obama was coming to take your guns. Obama never even talked about taking anyone’s guns. Now, you have a Republican president, who the NRA spent over $50 million helping to elect, and he’s talking about grabbing your guns.

Trump said he would sign legislation for either of these ideas. Keep in mind, he said the same thing in that very same room about DACA…so.

Even though Trump will flip on all of this after the NRA barks at him, you still have to appreciate the irony. It’s delicious.

The video.

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  1. I can’t watch this one, on the page, past 10 seconds! This is ridiculous. It’s only happening with your videos.

    Ughhh. I’m gonna have to contact YouTube. So annoying! 😦

    Great cartoon, though!

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      1. I don’t even think we have Kroger up here. Now I’m curious to know, though… LOL

        It’s a YouTube issue. If anyone else has it, suggest they use the highest resolution option. It appears to be working. Now that I’ve jinxed it, I have to go watch your videos before it stops working. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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