Good Memo Bad Memo


In a normal world where right-wing lunatics don’t base their political beliefs upon ridiculous conspiracy theories, the Democrats in Congress wouldn’t have to release a memo to counter the cherry-picked blatant partisan one put out by the GOP.

The entire gist of the Republican memo is that the FBI broke rules and procedures by using a dossier, funded by the Clinton campaign, to acquire FISA warrants on Carter Page. Their contention is the judges weren’t aware of the source of the dossier when they granted the warrants. This has been proven false. The entire purpose of the memo is to destroy the Special Counsel investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia.

The Republicans, who waged a high-profile campaign that Hillary Clinton was careless with classified information, released their memo containing classified information. The FBI and Justice Department warned them and Donald Trump about releasing it. Those warnings were ignored.

The Republican memo is three and a half pages. The Democrats countered with a ten-page memo. The president had five days to read and approve, approve with redactions, or reject entirely. Donald Trump decided against releasing the Democrat’s memo. Perhaps five days wasn’t enough time for him to read ten pages. He probably hasn’t even read the shorter memo by the GOP.

Trump claims the Republican memo “totally vindicates” him (it doesn’t). He claims he didn’t release the Democrat memo because it compromised intelligence sources and methods. That was the argument by the Justice Department for the memo he did release, without any redactions.

The Democrat memo would fall on deaf ears anyway. Trump supporters wouldn’t read it and would refuse to believe anything in it if they did. Even now, they use the Republican memo to argue against the Mueller investigation, and make points they wrongly believe are in the memo.

This was a flagrant move by Trump to declassify selective intelligence to undercut the Russia probe and use his authority to keep information secret that does the reverse. Trump is continuing a pattern of obstructing justice. At the very least, it’s hypocrisy.

You can’t ignore warnings from the FBI about releasing classified intel then portray yourself as a guardian of national security. This is the same man who invited Russians into the Oval Office and then shared classified information with them provided by an ally.

If you’re a reasonably intelligent person and can spot the obvious, then you’re aware that Trump is a man who is incapable of comprehension. He’s claimed Obama wiretapped Trump Tower when he was unable to decipher the fact that the Russian spies he hired for his campaign team were caught talking to Russians the FBI was watching.

It was also reported this week that Trump doesn’t read his daily briefings. He’s even argued in the past he doesn’t need the daily briefings because he’s “like a very smart person.” Even a smart person doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. As George Will has stated, Trump doesn’t know what it is not to know.

Trump prefers to get his information from Breitbart, the National Enquirer, and Fox and Friends.

Trump is a moron who is hiding something. The Republicans in Congress need to stand up for their nation and stop helping him. Trump took an oath to protect this nation, and he’s refusing to keep it.

The Republicans need to join the Democrats and protect the nation from Trump.

Here’s the video 

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  1. “The Republicans need to join the Democrats and protect the nation from Trump.”

    Actually, the Nation needs to join the Democrats to Protect The Nation And The Constitution From The Republicans AND 45*.

    Since ALL GOP Politicians Take Russian Money From The NRA They Are ALL Complicit In Russian Collusion And Are Just As Dangerous To The Nation And Constitution As 45*.

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    1. I’m not positive about “all” the Republicans but I do know that every single one of 45’s people in the West Wing is “white supremacists”, and most definitely 45. They do not want to protect anything but their own interests; morally bankrupt megalomaniacs.

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  2. I find the fact that I am seeing ads for nazis on your page very disturbing. I really wish something could be done about this. Thanks. Ulrich


    1. Check your cookies, if you’re going to “nazis” sites, even if you are reading their drivel for your own awareness of their hateful agenda, and disgusting propaganda it can follow you all over the net. Some of the Nazi and “white supremacist/racist” sites are very disturbing; so “gird your loins”.

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  3. This has been proven false?? What was proven false, that the FISA judge DID know that the “dossier” was an unvalidated, unsourced work of fiction? Or are you saying that the Clinton Campaign didnt get Fusion PGS to contract Steel to write it, or that DOJ DIDNT use the fake unverified “dossier” to obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page? When the hell was this all
    “proven” false? Every bit of this is in the Congressional Record. People are on record, it is public knowledge that these events took place. “Trump is continuing a pattern of obstructing justice”, there can be NO obstructing justice when this is NOT a criminal investigation. It is, and always has been and counterintelligence investigation. You cant point to ONE thing that Trump or his people did, during the campaign, that was against the law or had Russian involvement. Yet, here you are, foaming at the mouth, pushing a narrative to get rid of the duly elected President of the United States. A year and a half later, there is NOTHING, proving any claims from the left about Russia/Trump being involved with anything. The ONLY thing revealed with Russia, ties back to the Clinton Campaign. (which is also on the record before Congress). As far as “The Republicans, who waged a high-profile campaign that Hillary Clinton was careless with classified information.” Comey himself outlined what she did and the laws she broke. What should bother you is that they “Choose” NOT to prosecute her, their reason was to claim “she didn’t mean to do it, and that no one in Washington would touch (prosecute) her. And let me guess, THAT doesn’t bother you one bit… Trump Derangement Syndrome is bad with you. I suggest you seek professional help to deal with the hatred you have for this man, before it absolutely consumes you.


    1. What a load of “teabilly butt-hurt” You can ignore the fact that 45 is a weak, sniveling, whiny, weepy, self-pitying, narcissistic megalomaniac, with absolutely no impulse control but millions in this country and around the world cannot. HRC isn’t the president, will never be, so keep pulling her out of your ass at every turn, it will never change the fact that we have a vile administration lead by a gaslighting drama queen. 45 is a white supremacist backed by an oligarchy that is no different. There hasn’t been one day without scandal, or 45 lighting the fires of division. You go ahead and back his treasonous, self-serving ass, millions of us will not. I despise every breath the mf takes. “Trump Derangement Syndrome”?? Love it! I hope it becomes a plague of world proportion.

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      1. Thank you, valerie, you saved me a lot of work. I really enjoyed just sitting back and watching you tear this Millerskovich a new one. I will happily volunteer to hold your coat (or your beer) if you decide to tear this Bot another one.

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  4. Thank you randumbthoughts, would love to imbibe with you anytime; I’m a lightweight, you’d get a few laughs and a round or two;) The ferocity of my feelings about 45, his administration and most particularly, 45’s obtuse followers is just that, they are willing and willfully ignorant. After 3+ years of 45’s bovine droppings and peoples blind acceptance, It makes me furious! Happy Valentine! I hope for hearts to embrace hope and knowledge.

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