Normalize This


Retiring Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee have both denounced Donald Trump’s recklessness, divisiveness, undignified and dangerous behavior while continuing to support his agenda.

Both Senators supported Trump for president and today they openly oppose him (while voting to strip banking regulations and repeal Obamacare). Why do they oppose him now? Trump being a stupid ass of a human being who behaves like a toddler isn’t new. He ran his entire campaign that way. His rhetoric on the trail alerted all of us that he would go beyond merely being a disappointment as president, but that he would become an unhinged temperamental madman engaged in public hissy-fits while having the nuclear launch codes.

Both Senators are fed up with the lies. Trump’s lies are also not a new development.

Flake and Corker want every Republican in the United States Senate to do now what Flake and Corker should have done over a year ago. Denounce Trump and not allow him to become the new normal. Couldn’t they have done something beforehand to stop this? Did they not see the tape where he makes fun of a handicapped reporter?

Flake told the press that other Republicans will join him and Corker in resisting Trump. Then, the second-ranking Republican in the Senate, John Cornyn, endorsed Roy Moore, the lunatic gun-packing Republican in Alabama who doesn’t know what DACA is and believes that kneeling while the national anthem is playing isn’t legal. Jim Risch, Republican Senator from Idaho said it’s “not my job” to call out Trump when he lies. Is it his job to protect the United States?

America-First Republicans are actually Trump-First Republicans.

Flake and Corker hate the new normal, so they’re leaving which will make the United States Senate an even more extreme alt-right environment. Steve Bannon is working to replace both men with wingnuts like Roy Moore. It’s his dream to have 51 Ted Cruz’s in the Senate.

The Republican Senate is full of cowards, and Flake and Corker are no exceptions. They’ve only denounced Trump after they decided they won’t seek re-election. What we’re going to be left with is a body full of sycophant lackeys who will disregard the best interest of the nation in favor of a man-baby with a loaded diaper.

And, I’m going to start campaigning that we change how we pronounce “sycophant.”

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  1. If you pronounce “sycophant” as “sicko”-“fant” it sounds like a mashup of “sicko” and “infant”, an accurate description of 45*.

    If you pronounce “sycophant” as “psycho”-“fant” it sounds like a mashup of “psycho” and “infant”, another accurate description of 45*.

    Either one could be used to describe 45*’s followers, but I think my preference would be “psycho”.

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  2. People seem to think that they are citizens of the Republican Party and that this is patriotism and sufficiently good patriotism. I prefer to be a citizen of the United States. — Mark Twain

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