The Black Friend


Michael “The Black Man” is a ridiculous human being. Not so much for supporting Trump, though that’s ridiculous no matter which race you belong to.

Did you find it offensive that I referred to him as “The Black Man?” Don’t be. He has added that as part of his name. And, that’s not the most ridiculous part about the guy. It kinda makes sense to use that name if you’re a black person attending a Trump rally, because in that scenario, you are THE black man.

Republicans have a problem when it comes to race. Maybe it’s because they engage in racist policies, like preventing minorities from voting. What they like to do is give the impression that they’re receiving support from minorities, so they always find that one guy to place behind whichever Republican is speaking.

The subject of Michael “The Black Man” was being discussed between me and a few of my colleagues. One of the more conservative ones didn’t realize that “The Black Man” is the gentleman’s tag of choice. My colleague saw me use it and sarcastically said to me, “Yes, Clay. There’s only one person of color who supports Trump.” I replied, “Let’s be fair. I’m sure there are dozens.” I speak fluent sarcasm.

“Dozens” of black supporters isn’t too far off. Minorities aren’t big fans of Donald Trump. Shocking. Mr. Black Man has been lampooned on The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update special. As it turns out, the man is a nut.

This person who was sitting behind Trump at the Arizona rally kept holding a sign that said “Blacks For Trump.” He was wearing a shirt that said, “TRUMP and Republicans are not racist.”

Michael has also used the names, Michael Symonette, Maurice Woodside and Mikael Israel. He once belonged to a violent black supremacist religious cult, and he runs a handful of amateur, unintelligible conspiracy websites. He has called Barack Obama “The Beast” and Hillary Clinton a Ku Klux Klan member. Oprah Winfrey, he says, is the devil. How can Oprah be the devil? She gives away cars.

He believes President Obama was endorsed by the KKK, who are actually the Cherokee. In the 1990s, he was charged, then acquitted, with conspiracy to commit two murders. He sounds like a fun guy to have at your next party. Just be warned, he may not leave.

You would think the Trump Campaign would have a better verification system for their tokens. But then again, the president doesn’t even check to make sure those tweets he keeps retweeting aren’t from White Supremacists and Nazis.

At least this time the person waving a “Blacks For Trump” sign wasn’t a white woman, as he’s had at past rallies.

I really hope that Michael “The Black Man” will eventually seek mental help. I hope the president joins him.

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  1. I am Latina and find your article offensive. Why not let the guy do and say what he pleases? What makes libs think that we minorities are looking for people to tell us what to do and think. We aren’t.


    1. Try re-reading the article Ms. Gan. No one is telling you what to do or think. What the author is saying is that this guy appears to be a nut and yet he was allowed to stand ten feet from the President of the United States. The article also suggests that, one black man holding up a sign at a rally doesn’t qualify as “YUGE” minority support. The guy does and says what he pleases and the rest of us are laughing at the hypocrisy of his being placed in camera view for us to see.

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