Alexandria Shooting


A shooter opened fire on Republican members of Congress as they were practicing in Alexandria, Virginia for a charity baseball game against their Democratic colleagues. Representative Steve Scalise was shot in the hip.

According to reports, the gunman is a harsh Trump critic and worked as a volunteer on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Weird!

I was thinking how Alex Jones is back in the news with help from Megyn Kelly. Maybe he can assure those Republicans, who oppose gun control, that what they’re dodging on that Alexandria baseball field is a hoax.

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  1. I’m waiting for the Democrat-blaming to start. It really does sound weird that someone who supported Bernie Sanders – an advocate for gun-control – would do this, making the other comment here actually make sense. The fact that it makes sense also freaks me out.

    (Also, I think you wrote “fiend” instead of “field” in the last sentence by accident?)

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      1. Was this from pundits/representatives or just jerks on blogs & FB? I meant it as representatives (specifically Trump) would be blaming Democrats. I haven’t heard it has happened yet, but I’m wayyy behind on checking FB (I read most of my articles from links shared on it).


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