Steve Scalise

Alexandria Shooting


A shooter opened fire on Republican members of Congress as they were practicing in Alexandria, Virginia for a charity baseball game against their Democratic colleagues. Representative Steve Scalise was shot in the hip.

According to reports, the gunman is a harsh Trump critic and worked as a volunteer on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Weird!

I was thinking how Alex Jones is back in the news with help from Megyn Kelly. Maybe he can assure those Republicans, who oppose gun control, that what they’re dodging on that Alexandria baseball field is a hoax.

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Hanging With Mr. Racist


The problem isn’t that the majority of the Republican party is racist. They’re not. The problem is that they appeal to racists. They cater to them. They seek their support. They make excuses for them. They create policies for them. They receive votes from them. They attend their parties.

Republican congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana (my home state. C’mon, guys! Really?) spoke to a racist organization in 2002. Today he says he didn’t realize they’re a right wing hate group. Yeah. How could anyone suspect a group named “European-American Unity and Rights Organization” as racist? The group even says they’re not racist. They are just chock full of white pride and are worried about black people getting pesky little things like rights and fair treatment. Usually when someone says they’re not a racist you’ll need to brace yourself for a racist remark.

Scalise is scheduled to be the House Republican Whip, the third highest ranking doofus in Congress. John Boehner supports him and wants him to remain whip. See? Republicans again not backing down from being affiliated with racists.

Good news for Scalise is that former Grand Wizard David Duke is defending him. Wait, that’s not good news for Scalise. That’s bad news. David Duke says he has met with Scalise several times and vouches he’s not a racist. Yeah, that helps. You hang out with a racist who will now explain you’re not a racist. David Duke is threatening to reveal his other friends in politics if the GOP doesn’t lay off Scalise. Oh goody.

Again, Scalise says he didn’t realize it was a racist organization and that EURO is an“abhorrent organization.” OK, Steve. You went to a David Duke sponsored event and didn’t know it was racist. You’re from Louisiana. You know who David Duke is.

At this point his best defense is to say he went for the open bar.