When asked if the public should be concerned that the president sent out an incomprehensible tweet, Sean Spicer said no. I disagree. The public should be very concerned that the president might have suffered an aneurysm in mid-tweet.

Sean Spicer is literally defending gibberish. There’s been an aspect of Baghdad Bob to Spicy since he debuted last January. Take his recent description of Trump’s first foreign trip as “Truly an extraordinary week…” “Historic turning point…” “The president’s historic speech…” “A historic event…” That’s some serious Baghdad Bobbing.

But that tweet. What was that? Did the president, who brags about how little sleep he needs, crash in the middle of a sentence? Did he change his mind? Did he butt tweet? Is he insane? Was he tackled by his lawyers? Was it a secret code to the Russians or maybe to tell his staff to shred everything? Did Sarah Palin hijack his Twitter account? Did Dan Quayle ever figure out how to spell “potato?”

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, the president tweeted “despite the constant negative press covfefe.” And then we waited. And waited. And waited. The entire nation, and world was left scratching their heads wondering what in the hell is “covfefe.” How do you pronounce it? What was the man, who tells us he has the “best words,” trying to say?

The tweet was deleted shortly after 6:00 a.m. and replaced with “Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!” That’s the narcissistic way of saying “I meant to do that.”

The reality being that Sean Spicer’s job is to defend a narcissist (one symptom is they never make mistakes or apologize), he gave another stupid and ridiculous answer to defend the president. Instead of saying something like the president is human and made a boo-boo, they had to spin it. If this was a White House that could laugh at themselves we’d probably all chuckle along and then move on with our lives and focus on more serious stuff, like bombs in Kabul.

But no. Spicy had to say the president meant to send that tweet and….this is where he goes all Baghdad Bobby….“a small group of people know exactly what he meant.” Who are these people? If they actually exist do they have their own secret language? Are they orange? This answer was given during an audio-only press briefing. They didn’t want to defend this crap on camera. If this administration lies about the harmless little things then you know they’ll never tell the truth about the really big important stuff.

“Trump White House” is fast becoming an entry people don’t want at the top of their resumes. Sean Spicer gets to add the job skills of defending “imaginary crowd sizes,” “late-night tantrums,” “fake facts,” “Hitler’s use of chemical weapons,” and “gibberish.” He can keep a straight face while reporters laugh at him while he’s telling them to stop shaking their heads.

He’s also good at stepping in covfefe.

Creative notes and other stuff: Sometimes when I title these blogs I’m concerned that I may have used the title previously. That wasn’t a concern with this entry. I’m fairly certain I have never used “covfefe” in any aspect of my life before.

Also, it’s my birthday. Isn’t that a bitch? As you get older your birthday usually approaches like a slow crawling storm cloud that you know will eventually hit. This one really sneaked up on me. I think it was two days ago when someone said something and I was like “oh shit.” Birthdays, at least mine, have gone from celebrating myself to being a much larger measurement of time. I don’t really look back on all the private and personal stuff over the year as much as I do with all the work stuff. I’m amazed that an issue I covered a year ago doesn’t seem that long ago, or that some of those issues are still issues. We still have Trump. He’s still an idiot.

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  1. Your cartoon reminds me of a Non Sequitur cartoon in which a scruffy bearded guy is standing on a street corner soapbox yelling, “Flabba boba bibbidy!” Someone takes him for a bath, haircut, shave, gives him a suit, and puts him on TV. (Fox News is not specified.) Next we see several guys in a bar watching him on TV yelling “Flabba boba bibbidy!” and one says, “Hey, this guy makes sense!”

    And happy birthday!

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  2. Happy Birthday! This one is funny as hell and the very first to realize that he did very likely just fall asleep in the middle of tweeting and like the jerk he is, insisted “I meant to do that.”

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  3. As a long time sufferer from effective tremor (old name: senile palsy), I have some expertise on typos. I think the real word intended was “coverage”, but I have no idea why he didn’t proofread before sending it. Incompetence would be the logical hypothesis since he has exhibited that in so many other areas, but considering he probably has more experience with that simplistic communication device than most of the country, the hypothesis is questionable. Anyway, happy birthday, and I enjoy the humor with which you confront serious issues.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I missed your birthday; it looks like you got plenty ‘Confefe’) I hope it was covered by all those important people in your life^.^


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