The Trump Orbit


The first thing I want to touch upon regarding Trump pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement is all the sycophants’ boot licking. Is there a White House mandate that everyone has to praise Trump as though they’re unthinking subservient underlings?

Mike Pence can’t give a speech without uttering the phrase “under the leadership of President Trump.” He often repeats the phrase multiple times in one speech. He used it during the announcement of Trump pulling us out of the Paris Agreement. Pence and EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, talk about how brave and courageous Trump is for the United States to leave the agreement. Of course, if Trump had decided to stay in the agreement they’d still be describing him as brave and courageous.

No. He’s not brave. If he was then he would have made the announcement when he was in Europe in front of other world leaders. If he had any courage he would tell us whether he still believes Climate Change is a myth created by the Chinese (two things the Chinese did not invent: Climate Change and fortune cookies).

Speaking of myths, these tool bags talk about how America won’t be following the rest of the world and will instead be leading. Leading who? Syria and Nicaragua, the only other two nations not taking part in the agreement? We were not following the Climate Agreement. We were leading. Trump said the rest of the world was laughing at us but they won’t any longer. That’s another myth because ever since last November, the entire world can’t contain the giggles.

Trump supporters are also celebrating his keeping a campaign promise. You mean you’re excited the liar-in-chief kept a promise? A promise he had to waver on? He’s not keeping a promise for what is best for you. He’s doing what’s best for his ego. He was never committed to this promise as he had to give it further “study” after he won the election. Trump has put more study into an executive order making the McRib a permanent item on McDonald’s menu. I remember a few of his other promises, such as locking Hillary up, moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and taking us out of NAFTA.

Trump didn’t study the issue either, except for how it would affect his base. He doesn’t care that the majority of scientists wanted us to stay in the agreement, or NASA, or the majority of politicians and even business leaders. He’s ignoring most U.S. cities which will still honor the Paris Agreement. Hell, he even ignored members of his cabinet and his own daughter on this one. Trump did what Trump believes is best for Trump.

That’s because for Trump, and all his sycophants, who are nothing more than a bunch of Vidkun Quislings, the earth revolves around Trump.

Creative notes: Yes, this is totally out of my style. Why did I do that? Why no booty lips? I thought hard about this and I still have some concern about making Trump’s caricature a bit different from the way I usually draw him. My biggest worry is that it may not be me. So, I left the crazy hair in. The biggest reason I changed it a little was that I wanted to give him that stupid crap-eating smile he gives when he’s proud of himself, like a toddler successfully using the potty. It’s hard to give him that smile with the big lips. The other detail I really wanted was the chin and, as Trevor Noah puts it, vagina neck. Yeah, gross.

I looked at a lot of pictures of Trump for this. I still wanted it to have my style of ridiculousness. One thing I avoided was looking at other cartoons of Trump. There are some really good caricatures out there of him and I didn’t want them to poison what I’m doing. As I’ve said many times, my caricature of Trump doesn’t really look anything like him but everyone knows who it is. I don’t think we draw their physical appearance as much as we draw their personality.

Fret not, my dear readers and haters. The booty lips will return.

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  1. Another thing that bothers me in addition to your thoughts, is the fact that none of his spokespeople can ever answer a question. The usual response is, “I haven’t spoken to the President about that.”

    Two things, if you are sent out to speak on anyone’s behalf I would hope that part of the preparation is speaking to the person you work for. Also, if that conversation doesn’t take place prior to speaking on behalf of the person you represent then don’t come out.

    “I don’t know,” is not a proper nor productive answer for the American people.

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  2. I apologize in advance for my inner grammar drill sergeant compulsion. It’s an addiction, but they don’t have GRSC-anonymous meetings.

    “Trump said the rest of the world was laughing us but they won’t any longer.” – I think you missed an “at” here. Also, a space here: “I remember a few of his other promises, such aslocking Hillary up, moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and taking us out of NAFTA.”

    “Trump didn’t study the issue either, except for how it would affect his base.” – As if Trump gives a rat’s a## about how his actions affect his base!! Have you heard about how his “health care” & “budget” plan will irreparably damage the very people who started his reign of terror??

    What I found beyond ridiculous was when he said, “We’re doing this because we’re more concerned with Pennsylvania than Paris.” I may have screamed at my TV that Pennsylvania is also concerned with being able to breathe in 20, 15, or even 5 f###ing years!

    Then, I did the smart thing & changed the channel to something less world-ending.

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  3. I glanced at the subject of this article, and I thought it said ‘Trump Obit.’ I started cheering – but, alas, I noticed it said ‘Orbit.’ Was I disappointed!!!

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